Senator Joe Manchin: ‘I’m So Proud Of The NRA’

Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia, must have gotten an earful from his constituents because he’s backpedaling on comments he made Monday on MNSBC’s Morning Joe about gun control in a discussion about the Sandy Hook school shootings.

The senator, who was formerly the governor of the state, gave an interview on WV Metro News talkline in which he changed his tune somewhat. During the interview, Manchin, a strong supporter National Rifle Association (NRA), reaffirmed that as a gun owner himself, he is a defender of the Second Amendment with his “heart and soul” and intends to keep his guns.

He added that “I am open to talking about how do we have a better society with less violence and not blame just the gun owner, because if you blame the gun owner, you’re blaming me.” He also said “I’m not supporting a ban on anything. I’m supporting a conversation on everything.”

Manchin also stressed that he has been in close contact with the NRA, and the organization will be holding a new conference in Washington, DC, tomorrow to offer meaningful proposals to address gun violence and to prevent anything like the Newtown tragedy from every reccuring. With regard to the NRA, Manchin remarked that …

“These are my friends. They’re good people. They’re hurting. They’re in pain the same way as every American about what happened to these twenty little children. And I’m not going to let anybody be villainized …

“I’m so proud of the NRA. I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this.”

The senator also joined other voices who feel that violent video games should also come under scrutiny in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre:

“Look at Grand Theft Auto, put out by Rockstar Games in New York City and see what it promotes … Shouldn’t that be looked into and maybe be banned?’

Do think violent video games should be banned along with assault weapons?

Watch a Joe Manchin political ad in which he takes “dead aim” with his rifle at the cap and trade bill:

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