‘BB19’ Spoilers: Paul Has New Catchphrases, House On Lockdown After Plane Flyover, Backdoor Plan In Question

Veteran Big Brother 18 player Paul Abrahamian, who came up with some memorable catchphrases during his first season in the house, has come up with some new ones to commemorate BB19. In the meantime, on Sunday afternoon, cast members were quickly ordered inside the Big Brother 19 house due to an airplane flying overhead, and the current back door plan may have been foiled.

During Big Brother 18, Paul was all about “Friendship,” being “Pissed,” and was constantly saying he “Never Cared.” Apparently, he wanted to discard those outdated catchphrases for new ones at the beginning of the season, but production staff wasn’t having it. This, according to the first evicted houseguest of BB19, Cameron Heard, who expressed his observations about Paul during a recent interview with Rob Has a Podcast.

Over the past week or so, Paul has started saying “Gwhy?” instead of “Why?” and “Boyz,” which appears to be another term for “Friendship.” Finally, Paul has made the term “Gumpy” a thing in the Big Brother 19 house, obviously deriving from “Forrest Gump,” which evicted houseguest Jessica Graf called Josh Martinez during her eviction speech. Cast members are now constantly using “Gumpy” to refer to something goofy, silly, or awkward.

Regarding other updates, on Sunday afternoon, the houseguests had reason to ask “Gwhy” when they were ordered to head into the Big Brother 19 house for a lockdown. According to a live feed discussion that the cast members had once inside, a plane had flown over the backyard displaying a heart in some form or another. Thus, it would have been “Gumpy” and not “Boyz” for production to allow house mates to remain in the backyard during the flyover because they are not supposed to be exposed to any sort of outside influences while in the game.


Earlier in the afternoon, at around 3:50 p.m., Big Brother 19 house time, Matthew Clines and Raven Walton were in the kitchen making something to eat. The showmance couple, called “Maven” by their fellow houseguests, are both up for eviction this week, having been nominated by current Head of Household (HOH) Jason Dent, who also won this week’s Power of Veto (POV).


On live feeds, Raven relayed to Matt that she was informed by another cast member, Josh Martinez, that as part of a definite backdoor plan, Jason is going to take her down from the chopping block and replace her with another BB19 houseguest, who she believes is Kevin.


According to a Sunday morning RHAP report, that may not be happening and during Monday’s POV ceremony, Jason is probably going to leave nominations the same because he doesn’t want to nominate Kevin. This likely stems from the fact that the two men have developed a comaraderie of sorts, walking around the backyard every morning and sharing stories about their lives. Although Paul has been pushing for Kevin to be placed on the block, Jason seems to be standing firm about his decision.

Tomorrow’s POV ceremony will definitively determine what takes place, however, and whether the power is used to save a nominee or not.

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[Featured Image by Paul Abrahamian/Instagram]