Are ‘Bachelor’ Alums Wells Adams And Danielle Maltby Dating?

Speculation has been flooding Bachelor nation since alums Wells Adams and Danielle Maltby shared a kiss just before she departed Mexico after Bachelor in Paradise. Rumors are circulating that perhaps the two close friends maybe became more during that intimate moment when Wells made a gutsy move and went in for a passionate kiss. Are the rumors true that Maltby and Adams are in a new relationship?

Wells and Danielle have not publicly announced if the rumors are true, but they have been seen together in Nashville. This can be perceived both ways, they both do live there and have also been close friends for quite some time. However, after their kiss in Paradise, Danielle questioned if the perfect relationship had been under her nose the entire time. Maltby was, of course, referring to Wells. Danielle went on to say that Wells was indeed a great kisser, she had thought about kissing him before and that they would have plenty to discuss when they both returned to Nashville.

E! News reported on the speculation and shared that there has apparently been sparks between Wells and Danielle for years. The ironic part is that Wells was not even a contestant during this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Adams became the bartender for the season when Jorge decided to give up the gig. Wells has women all over America swooning after giving good advice and actually taking time to listen to the women in Paradise.

Now that they are both back in Nashville, what is happening between Wells and Danielle? A source says that the two are still just good friends, despite fans thinking they are an adorable couple. They did add that while they are not romantically involved at the moment, they believe that, eventually, Wells and Danielle will end up together.

Aside from the anonymous source saying Wells and Danielle are not together, social media posts by Carly Waddell and her new husband, Evan Bass, have fans believing otherwise. Carly shared a photo on Instagram that included herself and Evan, Danielle and Wells, and also Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan. Waddell captioned the group photo saying they hoped it works out like it did for her and Evan. This is leading everyone to think that Wells and Danielle have perhaps taken their friendship to the next level.

The truth regarding the relationship status between Wells and Danielle will hopefully come out sometime soon. Adams and Maltby continue to spend time together, so time will tell if there is a deeper connection.

If the two are not a couple, fans everywhere have been hoping for the possibility of seeing Wells become the next Bachelor. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Wells to ask about being cast as the lead for the 2018 season. Adams claims that producers have not approached him about being The Bachelor. Wells went on to say it is something he would not take lightly and would need to discuss with his family.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]