Otis: Photo Of German Shepherd Carrying His Own Bag Of Dog Food After Texas Hurricane Goes Wildly Viral

Otis the German shepherd, carried his own bag of dog food away from the rising flood waters created by Hurricane Harvey. The photo of the Sinton, Texas dog that got loose when the hurricane hit the region on Friday evening has gone viral and captured the hearts of America.

Salvador Segovia, 65, said Otis, his grandson Carter’s dog, got loose and fled from the city – with a big bag of dog food clutched carefully in his mouth. A fellow Sinton resident, Tiele Dockens, just happened to catch a glimpse of the German shepherd toting his own bag of dog food down the street on Saturday morning and quickly snapped a photo.

According to a report by the Chronicle, Segovia noticed his 5-year-old grandson’s dog was missing on Friday night, and kept calling for the beloved pet but could not find him. It was not until Saturday morning that the Texas grandpa realized the bag of dog food was also missing from his porch.

Salvador Segovia drove around the neighborhood searching for Otis, but still had no luck finding the German shepherd. The Sinton grandfather had no idea that while he was driving around in the water-filled street, the photo of Otis carrying the bag of his own dogfood was in the midst of going viral.

Tiele Dockens captioned the now viral image of the Texas dog doing its best to survive Hurricane Harvey with the hashtag, “#refugee.” The Sinton resident had been outside checking on the homes of neighbors who left town before the deadly natural disaster began when encountering Otis, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

Dockens later updated her social media post to inform all of the German shepherd’s fans of the dog’s name and revealed his owner had been located.

The photo of Otis carrying his own bag of dog food garnered more than 10,000 comments and reactions on social media in less than 24 hours. One commenter said the German shepherd had to be a Texas dog because he could survive all by himself without any help.

Segovia was very grateful to have found Otis and to be able to deliver him back home to his grandson, Carter. The Texas grandfather said the German shepherd brings great comfort to the little boy who has suffered through a multitude of hospital treatments for asthma and seizures. He also deemed Otis a “good dog” who is well-known and liked all over the town of Sinton. Segovia added that the German shepherd is even welcomed inside the local Dairy Queen for the occasional hamburger.

‘[Featured Image by Michael Hansen/Shutterstock]