‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: DeVry Reveals Julian Will Beat Prison Sentence, Maurice Benard On Burton’s Return

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Julian Jerome (William deVry) will not serve his full term in prison following his guilty verdict. Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) will work to secure this release from prison.

DeVry Hints Julian Will Be Back Sooner Than Fans Expect

DeVry hinted that Julian won’t stay long in prison in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. He revealed that executive producer Frank Valentini plans for Julian to return at a moment when he can have a major impact.

ABC executive Nathan Varni corroborated deVry’s comments about the thinking behind plans for Julian Jerome’s return from prison, according to CDL. Varni reportedly said that although Julian could have been brought back immediately after he renewed his contract, GH decided it would be best to delay his return so that it can happen at a strategic moment in the storyline.

“I want everybody to be happy with this and not feel rushed,” deVry said.

“I’m certainly curious to see what the writers have in store for Julian’s frame of mind when he comes back, absolutely.”

Fans can expect that while Julian Jerome cools his heels in prison, he will have plenty of time to ruminate about his life, past mistakes, and regrets. He will probably make a resolution to make amends. Prison time will also furnish the opportunity to reflect on his relationship with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and acknowledge just how much he loves her.

Julexis Reunion Will Happen

Fans can expect that Julian’s return from prison will lead to a Julexis reunion.

General Hospital spoilers tease that although a Julexis reunion will occur, important issues from the couple’s past have to be resolved before full reconciliation can occur.

In a recent interview with Soap Hub, Nancy Lee Grahn revealed that she had a chat with GH writers about the future of Julexis. She pointed out to them that any future reconciliation between Julian and Alexis must address the abuse that Alexis suffered in Julian’s hands. Fans will recall, for instance, that Julian once nearly killed Alexis with the dagger that was used to kill her mother.

Grahn argued that it would be “out of character” for Alexis to reconcile with Julian without the storyline addressing the problem of past abuses.

However, Nancy gave assurance that writers are keenly aware of the need to “preserve the integrity of Nancy’s character” by making sure that reconciliation happens only after Julian’s past abuses have been addressed.

“I think the writers understand and respect the abuse issue that is there,” Nancy said. “I’ve talked to them, and I think the writers and the network are very sensitive to this issue.”

“Both [Alexis and Julian] come from very violent backgrounds,” she added. “It makes sense that they love each other, but the repercussions exist and have to be addressed and… to see if there’s a way for them to find their way back.”

Julian Will Have To Fight For Alexis

Prison time will give Julian the opportunity to think about his past misdeeds and make a resolution to repair his relationship with Alexis. General Hospital spoilers, however, tease that Julian will have to fight for Alexis when he returns from prison. Alexis will have an affair while Julian is in prison.

Maurice Benard Talks About Steve Burton Return

Maurice Bernard, who plays the mobster Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, also talked about Steve Burton’s return to the daytime drama in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. Benard said he shares fans’ excitement about Stone Cold’s return. He declined to choose a favorite between Burton and Billy Miller, insisting that both are great actors.

He added that Burton is like a brother to him and that he is also very good friends with Miller. He said he was happy about Burton’s return to GH because it will bring new life to the daytime drama.

Meanwhile, fans are speculating about how Burton’s return will affect Sam (Kelly Monaco). Will the return of Burton’s character to Port Charles place Sam in an awkward position in which she has to choose between one of the two Jasons?

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