‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 105 Recap And Review: Master Roshi Goes 3-For-3, Pays The Ultimate Price

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 105 featured a valiant effort by Master Roshi.

Warning! Spoilers below.

When Toei Animation officially announced Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival Arc, many fans questioned the lineup for Universe 7. Many believed that some fighters, such as Master Roshi, would end up being liabilities in the Tournament of Power. As proven by DBS Episode 105, however, there is a very good reason why a fighter with over 300 years of battle experience is a perfect fit for a tournament that would decide the fate of the DBS multiverse.

The NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 teased a valiant effort from Master Roshi, and the episode delivered in spades. From the moment the episode opened until the time it ended, the aged fighter was featured prominently. As noted by longtime Dragon Ball fans in online forums such as Reddit, DBS Episode 105 proved to be one of the most nostalgic episodes of the anime to date.

Master Roshi faced three notable opponents in the recently aired episode. First off was Universe 4’s Caway, who was easily one of the most attractive fighters in the Tournament of Power. Despite Roshi’s tendency to be incredibly distracted by a female’s physical attributes, however, the aged fighter was eventually able to overpower his opponent. Their fight was pretty well-done, but when it came down to it all, Master Roshi stood tall, and Caway was eliminated.

Next up was Dercori, a slightly less attractive female fighter from Universe 4. Unlike Caway, Dercori’s power was a lot darker, involving multiple illusions. Roshi had a fairly challenging time with Dercori, but using his wits and his experience once more, he was able to seal her using the Mafuba. After Dercori was sealed, Roshi simply threw the Mafuba jar out of the arena, thereby eliminating yet another Universe 4 fighter.

During this time, concerns were raised by Krillin about Master Roshi’s health. Techniques such as the Mafuba, after all, take a huge toll on the human body, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. Despite this, however, Roshi quickly went on to battle with Ganos, an ace fighter from Universe 4.

Ganos has the ability to power up and transform into a massive birdlike fighter. While he easily exceeded Roshi’s power level, the 300-year veteran was able to effectively counter the U4 fighter’s attacks, since his techniques when transformed were the same when he was in his base form. Ganos eventually managed to beat up the old man, but channeling his fighting spirit, and realizing that he had to defeat the U4 fighter before he becomes a threat to Goku and company, Roshi was able to dig deep enough to overpower Ganos with a Kamehameha.

With that, Master Roshi effectively eliminated three out of the 10 representative fighters of Universe 4. As Universe 7 basked in his victory, however, the veteran fighter collapsed, his heart fully stopped.

In what could only be the most emotional moment in the Tournament of Power to date, Goku attempted to resuscitate his first master. When Roshi finally woke up, Goku (and Krillin on the stands) burst into genuine tears.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 was a strong episode. For a fighter who is most known for his perverted tendencies and his offensive antics towards women, Master Roshi was nothing short of awesome in the recently aired episode. His fighting scenes were on point, and he was fully able to show the value of experience over raw power.

The final scenes of the episode were among Dragon Ball Super‘s best, with Goku showing genuine desperation when he was trying to revive Master Roshi. At that point in the anime, it seemed that Goku would not mind exhausting all his power just to make sure his teacher does not die. Overall, the sequence was a rare moment of maturity for Goku, who finally showed some genuine concern in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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