‘Inhumans’ Honors National Dog Day With An Official Lockjaw Poster

In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, Marvel’s Inhumans released a character poster for one of their main characters, Lockjaw, the loyal canine who is a part of the royal family. The teleporting bulldog has apparently teamed up with IMAX, which will be debuting the first two episodes of the series, as well as Bulldog Club of America and SoCal Bulldog Rescue Network, in order to try to assist fellow bulldogs in finding homes.

According to The Wrap, there was an opportunity on August 26 for some fans to meet a group of bulldogs looking for new homes at the Irvine Spectrum IMAX theater. Fans who attended the bulldog meet-up also got a chance to take a picture with the Inhumans‘ own Lockjaw in IMAX size.

On Twitter, Marvel took advantage of it being National Dog Day in order to show off Lockjaw in a number of ways. The Inhumans Twitter account shared pictures of the teleporting bulldog on an international level, with pictures of the stuffed version of Lockjaw in places like London and Italy. The account also asked fans who were at San Diego Comic-Con, who had the chance to pick up their own Lockjaws, to post a picture of their stuffed canine with the hashtags for both the Inhumans and National Dog Day. Many of the pictures posted by fans were then shared on the show’s Instagram account, and offered a look at the wide reach the series has already achieved prior to its debut.


With much of the day being devoted to Lockjaw on the Inhumans Twitter page, fans of the comics and the character himself got a chance to get more familiar with the version of the character they will see when the series premieres, first in IMAX theaters and then on ABC. Not only did fans get one official character poster for Lockjaw, but there was also a National Dog Day poster shared as well.


For viewers unfamiliar with the Inhumans, the series focuses on the previously untold story of the royal family, including the characters of Lockjaw and Black Bolt. Black Bolt is the king of the Inhumans and he is a commanding and enigmatic character, who has a voice that is considered to be so powerful that even when he whispers he has the ability to destroy a city. When a military coup fractures the royal family, they end up escaping to Hawaii, thanks to Lockjaw’s teleporting abilities, where they encounter an entirely new world of interactions and people. Separated from each other, they must find a way to get back together in order to return home, and save their people and way of life.


Audiences looking to get a jump-start on the series will have the opportunity to head out to an IMAX theater starting on September 1, where they will get to see the first chapter of the story. The complete series begins airing on ABC on September 29. Fans who choose not to go to the theater to see the first two hours of the program will still get to see those episodes as they begin airing on network television.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]