‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 4: CW Reduces Number Of Episodes To 17, What Could It Mean For The Show?

Jane the Virgin fans have to brace themselves for this bad news. If reports are correct, Season 4 of the CW’s hit romantic comedy-drama telenovela will be the shortest as the network decided to reduce the number of episodes for the upcoming season.

Eagle-eyed observers noted that there was a recent change to the number of episodes of Jane the Virgin Season 4 as shown on the CBS Studios press site, Spoiler TV reported. Until recently, it was reported that the site stated that the show’s fourth season will have 21 episodes.

Lately, however, Season 4’s number of episodes has been reduced by four. According to the report, the site now states that the upcoming season will only have 17 episodes, making it the shortest season yet. For comparison, the first two seasons had 22 episodes while the third had 20.

Of course, the recent change had some fans worried on what it could mean for the series’ long-term prospects. The report offered two possibilities on for the network’s decision for the episode order cut. It is likely that the network simply ran out of space for a 21-episode season in its fall schedule, especially with the introduction of new shows.

However, there is one possibility that is a bit worrisome. According to the report, reducing the number of episodes of a series is usually one of the signs the show could be nearing its end.

Fortunately, updates on the matter finally revealed the reason for the network’s decision to reduce Jane the Virgin Season 4 episodes. And no, it is not a sign that the series could be ending soon but a creative consideration.

Apparently, the decision was agreed upon by the CW, CBS Studios, and the show’s executive producer Jennie Urman. Apparently, Urman had revealed the grueling production schedule, and if she had her way, she would have opted for a reduction of six episodes.

“I think six [is perfect] for us. I could knock out six excellent episodes.”

Meanwhile, spoilers predict that Justin Baldoni’s Rafael will be facing some challenges in the coming season. While Michael (Brett Dier), who died in Season 3 due to complications from the gunshot wound, is no longer a threat to her relationship with Jane (Gina Rodriguez), a new rival has surfaced.

The contender, introduced in the Jane the Virgin Season 3 finale, is Jane’s first love Adam, portrayed by Teen Wolf alum Tyler Posey. The problem for Rafael is that Jane’s parents seem to prefer Adam over him, according to a report by the Christian Post. Looks like fans can expect another delightfully complicated love triangle next season.

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