Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tepid Response Could Help iPhone 8

Galaxy Note 8 gets mixed response

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note 8. The revealing felt like an anti-climax to many, especially since specs for the device had been leaked weeks ahead of the actual release. Still, there are some who are excited for Samsung’s latest device.

Tech Crunch’s Darrell Etherington says that although the Note 8 is similar to the Galaxy S8, the big difference is that the Note 8 is a truly manageable big-screen smartphone – the type that Samsung has always tried to make. He, like others, likes the rectangular corners on the screen, which are different from the rounded corners on the Galaxy S8.

CNET notes how this time, Samsung has played it safe with the Note 8.

“Instead of splashing out, though, Samsung played it safe. The Note 8’s battery is smaller than 2016’s model, in part to keep from repeating last year’s fatal mistake.”

The article adds that the S Pen stylus only adds a couple unimportant new tricks and the finger print sensor is still awkwardly placed by the camera lenses. CNET, like other sources, notes that the twin rear cameras are the Galaxy Note 8’s major new feature.

Twitter has been filled with those who think the Galaxy Note 8 is boring.

The Galaxy Note 8 has also caused some disappointment on Reddit.

“The fingerprint scanner placement is killing me. Why is it so difficult to place it below the camera, people already criticized that on the S8 and it seems like they just don’t care,” complains Renzopachecoj.

“I was as sad as anyone to have to turn in my Note 7 last year; my Note 7 was my present to myself for becoming an engineer. Seeing the specs on the Note 8, I’m not blown away like I was with the 7. On paper, it’s only marginally better than the S8+,” claims LestorGribble.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Other people who have responded think that although Samsung has played it safe, they are working on delivering a device that works well rather than risk having the same thing that happened with the Galaxy Note 7, which became known as the “Galaxy Nuke 7” after several units exploded. After Samsung recalled the Note 7 and released updated units, some of those exploded too. Samsung is said to have lost over $5 billion on the Note 7 debacle.

Perhaps playing it safe has paid off. While it’s too early to say if the Galaxy Note 8 will be a big success for Samsung or not, BGR reports that early indications suggest that pre-orders for Note 8 accessories have already been 30 percent higher than what the Note 7 experienced just one year ago. The site also has an anonymous Best Buy insider who claims that early customer interest in the Note 8 is a lot higher than it was for the Note 7.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera

One has to remember that one year ago, people complained about the Note 7 being lame. But once consumers got the device in their hands, they loved it. Some people even said it was the best smartphone ever created. However, even if the same happens with the Note 8, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 8 is right around the corner. Many people feel that in order to compete with Apple’s much-hyped smartphone, Samsung needed to hit a grand slam with the Note 8, not just a home run.

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