Google Pixel 2 Release Date Tipped To Be On October 5 — Here’s What To Expect

Google Pixel 2’s rumored release date is near, and now rumors about its design and specs are coming in waves. Leading up to its launch, its competitors will be revealed one by one, so the Pixel successor is going to have to meet high expectations. The Galaxy Note 8 already set the standard for the LG V30 and the new iPhone handsets. Will the new Pixel be able to compete?

Google Pixel 2 Design Won’t Follow The Trend

The new Google handsets won’t seemingly follow what the Galaxy S8 has started. Earlier this year, Samsung revealed its flagship smartphone that looks and feels great thanks to the curved bezel-less display. The Galaxy Note 8 followed suit, also ditching the physical home button. The LG V30 and iPhone 8 are also expected to sport large displays with as little bezels as possible. But Pixel 2 is apparently too cool for that.

Leaked Pixel 2 designs showcase a smartphone that looks similar to last year’s Pixel. The big bezels are still there, but at least there’s still no home button. There also seems to be no dual-camera in sight as well as a headphone jack. There are some design changes on the back but nothing worth getting hyped about.

Still, as Value Walk has noted, not everyone has the same preferences. It’s good to have a variety of smartphones out in the market. The LG V30’s design, as Inquisitr previously reported, looks much like a Galaxy flagship. Critics can’t seem to decide whether that’s a good thing or not though.

Google Pixel 2 Will Be One Step Ahead In Terms Of Hardware

The Pixel 2’s home court may be the hardware. While the latest Android flagships are coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, the upcoming Google handset will reportedly pack a Snapdragon 836 chip. It should mean that users will be able to enjoy better performance, but the change is not that big.

But paired with a smooth software, the phone should indeed be able to perform better than other Android-equipped devices. Google Pixel 2 will undoubtedly come again with pure Android O, which was just revealed this week.

Google Pixel 2 Release Date Tipped On October 5

These are just rumors for now. Nothing is confirmed until the Pixel 2’s reveal in October, possibly on October 5 as tipped by Evan Blass. Last year’s pair of Pixel phones were unveiled in October 4, so the date is likely to be true. Moreover, Blass has been a reliable source of leaks in the past. But we’ll see when Google finally decides to send out press invites.

Are you waiting for the Google Pixel 2 as well?

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