‘Game Of Thrones’: Jon Rises From The Ice And Dany Is From Fire – Will Their Child Be Azor Ahai Or Khal Drogo?

Episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 7 saw Jon Snow fall beneath the icy surface of a giant frozen lake beyond the Wall. The fact that Jon was under the water for long enough that the White Walkers began to depart indicates they assumed he was dead. However, Jon claws his way out of the water and manages to make it back to Castle Black. So, was this an indication that Jon truly is a part of the Song of Fire and Ice story prevalent in Game of Thrones?

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses HBO’s Game of Thrones. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

All along fans have been wondering about the connection between the Song of Fire and Ice in relation to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Already, parts of Jon Snow’s lineage has been revealed to the audience and there is the anticipation that the characters in Game of Thrones will soon be made aware of these details.

As well as Jon’s lineage, the fact that he was resurrected from the dead by Melisandre (Carice van Houten) also indicates he will have a part to play in the endgame of Game of Thrones. But first, let’s have a look at why Jon and Dany are considered important.

What Is The Song Of Fire And Ice?

The Song of Fire and Ice story is mixed up with a prophecy involving the prince who was promised. Basically, this prophecy states that after a long summer, a person, Azor Ahai, will be reborn from fire and ice to help defend Westeros from great calamity. In the book series Game of Thrones is based on, Azor Ahai needs to be born “amidst smoke and salt.” They will also wake dragons from stone and draw a special sword from fire.

Fans of Game of Thrones have suspected both Dany and Jon of being Azor Ahai, a person who is always thought to be a man but, as has been pointed out in the book and the television series, could be either sex.

HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' Dany Targaryen and Jon Snow as seen in Episode 3, Season 7

There is also the assumption that the union between Dany and Jon could be the very definition of the Song of Fire and Ice. Dany was born of fire not only by being from the Targaryen line, but by, literally, being able to walk through fire without coming to harm. Jon, on the other hand, is from the Stark line and from the icy North. When Melisandre brought him back from the dead, it was assumed this also indicated he was Azor Ahai being reborn.

As a result of this, either Dany or Jon can be considered as a part of the prince who was promised prophecy. However, could it be their union that results in Azor Ahai and not either of them personally?

All That Talk Of Babies

HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' Season 7 finale, Episode 6, 'Beyond the Wall,' Dany Targaryen, Jon Snow

As well as seeing Jon Snow rise from a potentially watery grave in Episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 7, there appeared to be a lot of talk about Dany having — or not being able to have — babies. Besides Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) bringing it up directly with Dany and Daenerys insisting she couldn’t bear any more children, Dany also told Jon she couldn’t have children at the end of Episode 6. As Fansided point out, the theory behind Dany not being able to have children stems from a scene in Season 1 of Game of Thrones where Dany was cursed in relation to Khal Drogo’s death. Since then, Dany has assumed she can’t have any more children. Alongside this, the prospect of Jon having children was brought up by Jorah (Iain Glen) to Jon in this episode.

So, could this be important?

For many fans, it does seem to be significant. After all, what is the point of Dany ruling Westeros if she can’t have children to follow in her footsteps?

Some fans are now wondering if perhaps Jon Snow would be the only person in Westeros capable of getting Dany pregnant. After all, considering he has died and been reborn, could he perhaps be more than just a normal man now?

While many see Jon being brought back from the dead by Melisandre as proof that he is Azor Ahai, could Jon rising from an icy grave cement the theory that he is the “ice” part of the Song of Fire and Ice?

HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' Season 7, Episode 6, 'Beyond the Wall,' Jon Snow, Dany Targaryen, Azor Ahai

Seeing Jon rise up from the lake beyond the Wall in the last episode of Game of Thrones could indicate he is something special now. In fact, there is a theory out there suggesting that Jon’s sword, Longclaw, changes as Jon rises from the water. There is some speculation on whether the eye on the sword opens or it was merely a trick of the light, as PopSugar points out. However, if the eye on Jon’s sword does actually open when Jon claws his way out of the water, then it could add weight to the theory that Jon is now more than human.

If the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) thought Jon had been under the water long enough not to survive, could this mean that Jon perhaps now possesses more than human traits? And, if this is the case, could all that talk of babies in Episode 6 of Game of Thrones be foreshadowing and fans will find out in the Season 7 finale, or even later in Season 8, that Jon Snow is the only one who can sire children with the mother of dragons? Moreover, if a child is born form this union, will it actually be Azor Ahai, the child born of fire and ice? After all, if we go back to the original curse put down on Dany in Season 1, it is suggested Khal Drogo will only return when the following is true according to Refinery29.

HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' Dany Targaryen, Jon Snow, Is Khal Drogo really Azor Ahai

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child.”

If this is the case, and Jon is capable of creating a child with Dany, does that mean Khal Drogo will actually be reborn to Jon and Dany as Azor Ahai? Only by tuning into future episodes of Game of Thrones will reveal the answers.

Do you think Jon rising up from the icy water in Episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 7 is significant? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.

The finale episode of Season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones is titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” and will air on Sunday, August 27.

You can view the trailer for Episode 7 of Game of Thrones Season 7 below.

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