‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Surgery Shocker, Blood Test Reveals Truth, Not Danny’s Dad, And More

General Hospital spoilers from the latest ABC Soaps in Depth promise that GH is pulling no punches when it comes to Steve Burton’s return, and there seems very little doubt that he will turn out to be the “real” Jason Morgan when all the dust settles. The story to re-embrace Burton as the one true Jason has already begun this week and will kick into high gear in September when Jason is shot and needs surgery and blood tests reveal some unexpected truths about the man who is not really a Quartermaine.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brace Yourself For Major Retcons

If you don’t know the term, a retcon (retroactive continuity) is when a TV show goes back and either changes, ignores, or completely contradicts known history to take the story where they want to go. Since GH went overboard to convince us Jake Doe was Jason, now they have to undo all of that – and it will happen over a tortuously long nine months, according to EP Frank Valentini. Remember that Jason’s identity was confirmed in several ways requiring multiple retcons.

First, his DNA matched that of Jason Morgan on file in the criminal justice system. That’s the easiest one to dismiss. The writers will just say that Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) or someone else with an agenda, replaced Jason’s existing DNA sample with Jake Doe’s so that it was a match. The second piece of the puzzle is The Jackal. Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) wrote a program that took Jake Doe’s bone structure and traced it back to its original form before he was crushed by Ava’s car.


Given that all GH fans know that Spinelli is a genius, how will they retcon that fact? Was Spinelli’s program hacked? Was he part of the coverup? With Spinelli coming back to Port Charles soon, perhaps the groundwork for this historical rewrite will be laid sooner than fans expect. Finally, this week on General Hospital, viewers heard Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) going on about how Jason is changed, he’s not the same guy who was her best friend. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) agreed.

Jason’s Shooting Is Part Of The Big “Jake Is A Fake” Reveal

General Hospital spoilers from ABC Soaps in Depth promise that Sonny calls a meeting of the five families to discuss his transition out of mob life. Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) encourages Jason to step up to help Sonny get out of the life for good. That’s a mistake, and everything she fears happens when Jason winds up in a mob shoot out. But Billy Miller’s return to “Jake Doe” status began with comments from Carly, Sonny, and even Sam talking about how he’s not like the old Jason used to be.


The latest GH spoilers from TV Source say that Jason will be shot next week and winds up fighting for his life. While he’s having surgery or in recovery, spoilers promise something will crop up in his medical tests that point to a mismatch of him being Jason Quartermaine. It might be Jason’s blood type or some inherited condition. Whatever it is, that surgery is pivotal, not because Miller’s Jason will die (he won’t), but because information emerges that casts doubt on him being a Quartermaine – and reveals he’s not Danny’s father. That’s a shock for everyone in the ex-Jake Doe’s life, but the reveal won’t happen for a while yet.

General Hospital Spoiler: Burton’s Rumored Return Date Is September 18

In the most recent SID, GH co-writer Shelly Altman said, “The arrival of a man who looks exactly as Jason did five years ago will shake up virtually everyone on the canvas.”


That means they won’t even sugar coat it for a moment. Steve Burton walks in looking like Jason and the latest General Hospital rumors promise it will be around September 18 when the “real” Jason strolls back into town. After Miller’s Jason recovers from surgery, more hints leading to a tale of two Jasons emerge. Frank Valentini said no one had figured out Burton’s return, but what he meant was that no one figured out the plot twist they’ve contrived. Burton tweeted out in June, 2016, “I am Stone Cold” and it seems he was telling the truth because he will be again soon.

It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Burton’s coming back as Jason, but the reveal will unfold slowly. General Hospital is taking a risk with this move since they worked overtime to convince fans that Miller’s Jake Doe was Jason Morgan, and now are snatching it away with a massive retcon. Plus, even though Burton has a legion of fans, so does Miller – and this could end up hurting the ABC soap more than it helps. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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