Chelsea Clinton’s Tweet Backfires? Former First Daughter Defends Michelle Obama From Disturbing Video Claims

It appears that Chelsea Clinton has turned into a self-appointed defender of both past and present first families these days, but folks on social media claim her latest stand may have done more harm than good. A video on Infowars, which has Alex Jones at the helm, claims “Michelle Obama is a man,” and now that Chelsea Clinton came to Michelle Obama’s defense, the video is getting more attention drawn to it.

As the Hollywood Reporter suggests today, “Chelsea Clinton has been stepping into the role of moral authority on social media of late.”

She appears to be digitally watching over Barron Trump, as this week was the second time she stormed the online world defending the youngest Trump child.

She first came to Barron’s defense back in January when the comedy writer from Saturday Night Live tweeted a very disturbing joke involving Barron Trump and school shootings. Chelsea offered up a lengthy Facebook post that put great emphasis on how the kids in the first family should always be off limits when it comes to negative reports in the media.

She once again came to Barron’s defense this week when the Daily Caller published a piece chastising Barron Trump’s wardrobe choices. Both times resulted in massive attention for the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was positive attention, and even Clinton non-supporters sang Chelsea’s praises.

Chelsea was given kudos in the headlines and cited as a very good person to be able to put all the hard feelings between her family and President Trump aside to defend his son. The second time around, which was this week, she even got a shout-out from Melania Trump thanking Chelsea for coming to Barron’s defense, according to the Washington Post.

Did Chelsea like being looked upon as a do-gooder that much that she’s searching for new causes? Whether she is or not, she’s taken on another cause by coming to Michelle Obama’s defense.

The Hollywood Reporter calls Alex Jones, the “conspiracy theorist-in chief” over at the website Infowars, and they report that he posted a “hateful video” about Michelle Obama.

In the video, Jones goes on to say that after “citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama,” he can now say, “That’s a man.”

Jones even goes as far as suggesting it was the late Joan Rivers who planted the seed, according to what the Hollywood Reporter’s critique suggests about the video. He claims another conspiracy theory around Rivers dying a month later in a freak medical mishap after she launched the theory about Michelle Obama.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Jones is “proposing that it was actually the infamous, sharp-tongued red carpet commentator, the late Joan Rivers, who launched the theory in the first place by calling Michelle ‘a tranny.'” He called the Obama children something very derogatory in this video as well.

Chelsea Clinton sounded quite outraged by this video, and she took to Twitter to defend Michelle Obama. Clinton’s tweet is posted below.

While some people did commend her for this tweet, they also wondered why she would even watch the video and comment on it because all this did was draw attention to the awful video. Twitter user Kristine LaLonde offered a comment on Chelsea’s tweet that very nicely described the problem with her Twitter post.

“I love yr compassion & fierceness, but I’m wondering why you encourage traffic on reprehensible websites. Attention is what they want.”

Chelsea then tweeted back “I didn’t visit the site or watch the video. Think we need to shine a light on the awfulness/expose it – without giving the awfulness clicks.”

Unfortunately, as others Twitter users suggested to Chelsea, she just brought more attention to this video with her tweet. People reminded her how that works. Govind Menon, a Twitter user, tweeted a response to Chelsea.

“Great you are calling this out for what it is. Appreciate that. Remember though it gets much more publicity now-indirectly encouraging them!”

Some folks on social media who weren’t aware of the video certainly are now. Chelsea has 1.91 million followers, so they all got a ping about her thoughts on the subject as soon as she sent out that tweet.

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