The Sexy Jon Snow Halloween Costume Lets Female ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Join The Night’s Watch

Jon Snow wouldn’t last long at the Wall if he was wearing the sexy Halloween costume inspired by his Game of Thrones character.

Fall is coming, which means that hardcore Halloween fans are already thinking about what they’re going to wear on the spooky holiday. Many of them will still be mourning the end of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, so you can bet all the money in the Iron Bank that costumes based on Westerosi fashion will be just as popular as pumpkin spice flavoring. However, as Entertainment Weekly reports, lingerie retailer Yandy has come up with the perfect way for female Game of Thrones fans to stand out from the all the Cersei and Daenerys wannabes: a sexy, gender-bending Jon Snow costume.

Yandy is known for putting a sexy spin on popular Halloween costumes, and most of its offerings show a lot of skin. The “Sexy Northern Queen” is no exception; it’s a strappy faux leather romper that leaves the legs completely exposed. There are also a lot of cutouts all over the studded chest portion of the costume, so a talented makeup artist might consider using them to show off a few fake scars just like the ones Jon Snow was left with after his black brothers betrayed him.

The Sexy Northern Queen Halloween costume doesn’t come with any leg coverings at all, but it does include some protection against the chilly fall weather: a long cloak trimmed with fake fur.


Even though the Halloween costume is supposed to be fit for a royal, the cloak looks more like what Jon Snow wore before he became King in the North. The most important element of the costume appears to be inspired by the dark capes of the sworn brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. It has the same dark, scraggly trim on the shoulders that earned the brothers their “crow” nickname from the wildlings.

As Mental Floss reports, the cape that Kit Harington’s character used to wear on Game of Thrones was actually created using one of IKEA’s Skold rugs, which retail at $79. After this fun tidbit of trivia became public knowledge, the company released a set of instructions detailing how to turn one of its rugs into the top portion of Night’s Watch cloak.


A female Game of Thrones fan who doesn’t want to go through all the trouble of creating her own cape but still wants to join the exclusively male group of Watchers on the Wall can shell out $149.99 for Yandy’s sexy Jon Snow costume. And after her watch has ended on Halloween night, she can use her cloak as a warm throw blanket — winter is coming, after all.


[Featured Image by Helen Sloan/HBO]