‘LPBW’ Baby Jackson Roloff Goes On His First Plane Ride

Baby Jackson is now an official jet setter! The adorable Little People, Big World baby has experienced his first airplane ride with parents Zach and Tori Roloff.

Tori posted a photo of Jackson’s first flight on her Instagram Stories early Friday morning. In the photo, baby Jackson is wearing a striped gray and blue shirt while Zach and Tori smiled for a selfie. It seems that Jackson, who has a knack for sleeping through activities, is happily awake during the take-off.

While Tori didn’t mention where their little family is going, she did give clues on her older posts. The 26-year-old LPBW star previously posted a video asking her followers for tips on how to get passes to the Walt Disney Studios tour. She also shared a photo on her IG Stories of a calligraphy sign she created which reads, “Only the best grandmas get promoted to great grandmas.”

“J gets to meet his great grandma tomorrow!!!” Tori wrote on the photo.

It seems that Zach and Tori are taking a trip to visit Tori’s side of the family. A little Disneyland tour on the side will surely be a fun activity for the family of three.

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff confirmed this when he posted a picture on Facebook showing Zach and Tori with baby Jackson at the airport. In a happy coincidence, Matt “bumped into” the three at the terminal before their departure.

“Look who I bumped into at the airport early this morning. Tori and Zach taking baby Jackson down to see Tori’s grandma. I’m headed off for a few days too. But on a different flight.”

Baby Jackson, who recently turned three months old, has experienced many firsts already. He’s been to the beach, watched his first soccer game, and even toured Roloff Farms in Grandpa Matt’s ATV. Recently, the LPBW baby also went to the Oregon Zoo with Grandma Amy.

The Roloffs are expecting another family member by the end of this month. Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl is due on Aug. 31, making Matt and Amy second-time grandparents. The two have become doting grandparents to baby Jackson and it will certainly be nice to see two adorable toddlers running around the Roloff Farms in the near future.

Meanwhile, Little People, Big World has resumed filming for its upcoming new season. This will air on TLC by September. The new season will likely follow Audrey’s pregnancy leading up to her baby’s birth. Fans are also wishing to see a long-overdue family reunion with all the Roloff siblings. Hopefully, the reality show will air Molly’s wedding which was attended by everyone, including their youngest brother Jacob.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]