‘GH’ Spoilers: Burton Admitted He Is Returning As ‘Stone Cold,’ Fans Claim

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Steve Burton’s return introduces a fresh plot to the storyline that promises intrigue, suspense and excitement. Although, GH and Burton have so far refused to talk about his character’s role, Burton recently made a comment on social media that sparked excitement among fans who believe it was an admission that he is returning as the beloved “Stone Cold” character.

During a twitter conservation that occurred amid negotiations for his return to the daytime drama, a fan commented that he was getting a tattoo of Jason’s nickname, “Stone Cold.” Burton responded soon after with a tweet that fans declared to be a dead giveaway.

He tweeted in response to the fan’s message, saying, “I am Stone Cold.”

The response sparked excitement because fans believed that Burton had just admitted he was returning to the cast of GH as Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan.

Some fans argued recently on social media that if GH and Burton have not been deliberately misleading fans, enough hints have been dropped to confirm that Burton is returning to reprise his role as Stone Cold.

Burton assured fans in a recent video that they are “not gonna want to miss” his return to GH.

“Can’t tell you how amazing it is to be back at GH,” he said. “It was so great to see everyone I pretty much grew up with. It is home. So grateful for this new journey. Always appreciated the hard work from the cast and crew. Excited to work with everyone and tell awesome stories.”

Eagle-eyed fans seeking new clues were quick to note that Burton was dressed in Stone Cold’s signature tight-fitting black T-Shirt. Why would Burton appear in a video to promote his highly-anticipated return to GH dressed in a T-Shirt uniquely evocative of his old character if he was returning to the daytime drama as a different character?

Many fans looking forward to Burton’s return as Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan also pointed to Kelly Monaco’s recent tweet (see below) as solid piece of evidence that fans will see an explosive twin Jason plot unfold in Port Charles very soon.

The Inquisitr recently reviewed the alternative possible twin Jason scenarios that fans have suggested could emerge after Burton’s character appears in Port Charles. The scenario analysis is not exhaustive. It is only an overview of the most popular fan theories making the rounds in online forums and websites.

One of the major signs that fans often point to as evidence that Billy Miller’s Jason Morgan is not the same character as Burton’s is the stark difference in the personalities of the characters. Many fans note that Billy Miller’s Jason who returned home from a reconstructive surgery after being run over by Ava’s (Maura West) car is similar in character to the young Jason Quartermaine before the A.J. Quartermaine accident in 1995. The “SORASed” (SORAS: Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) Jason Quartermaine that fans knew before the nearly fatal accident with a drunk A.J. was a strait-laced and straight-A student, popular athlete and family favorite whose only ambition was to become a medical doctor. However, the Jason that returned home from hospital after the A.J. Quartermaine accident in 1995, without any memories of his past, supposedly due to a brain injury, was a different character who soon drifted towards mob life and became the right hand man for mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

When Steven Burton eventually left GH in 2012, the Jason character that emerged from the accident involving Ava was so different from Burton’s Stone Cold that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) remarked to Sonny that he was not like the Jason she used to know. Sonny agreed with her, pointing out that the new Jason appeared to be risk-averse, unlike the old Jason.

General Hospital spoilers, however, tease that Burton’s character would likely be introduced to the storyline as an entirely new person, but his true identity would emerge later.

This procedure for integrating an old character back into the story line is commonly used by daytime drama writers. Recently, some fans claimed that a leaked script containing a cast list suggests that the character will first appear in Port Charles as Doctor Andy.

Regardless of how the storyline unfolds, the coming weeks on GH promise great excitement for fans.

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