‘Return To Amish’ Jeremiah And Carmela Back Together, On A Road Trip?

Three weeks since Jeremiah Raber announced that he has ended things with wife, Carmela Raber, rumors of their reconciliation emerged. The couple seems to be on a road trip together.

Earlier this month, Jeremiah announced through a Periscope video that he and Carmela have split. He was proud to say that he finally stood up and told Carmela to get out of his house after a heated argument. They were going through a divorce, Jeremiah added, three months since they separated due to domestic violence.

But now, Jeremiah and Carmela’s marriage might not be ending after all. According to Starcasm, speculations of their reconciliation started when Jeremiah went on a mystery vacation. He shared a live Periscope video but refused to provide more details on why he flew across the country and then started to a road trip going back home.

Then, while documenting a storm in Missouri, which the Return to Amish star posted on Facebook, there was a female voice that sounded a lot like Carmela asking “What is that sound?” Starcasm pointed out. The outlet also noted that Jeremiah seems happy in his live streams of the trip, which would be good if it is true that he and Carmela have reconciled. Do you think it is Carmela who talked in the video?


In April, Carmela got Jeremiah arrested for domestic violence. She showed the responding authorities some bruises on her arms and said that her husband has been threatening her. Following his release from the prison, Jeremiah issued a public apology, saying that his wife did not deserve his behavior, although he did not directly admit that he hurt Carmela physically. He added that the truth will eventually come out and implied that Carmela also has her share of faults in their problem.


Carmela later admitted that she has her own issues, and she and Jeremiah decided to separate to address their individual problems first before trying to work out their marriage. They both showed their willingness to fix their marriage, so it was not clear what ultimately led to the divorce issue. Jeremiah just said that Carmela always lies and plays the victim, which is why Return to Amish fans mostly sided with her. Carmela, on one hand, refused to get into the details but said that her time with Jeremiah was a living nightmare.


Do you think Jeremiah and Carmela have worked things out and are back together?

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