‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won The HOH Competition Tonight, Endurance Challenge Results

Big Brother 19 spoilers from August 24 will include who won the HOH Competition. Fans won’t get to see the BB19 cast play to become the Head of Household during the Thursday night episode on CBS, though, as it won’t be held in time for the “live” audience. It will provide a nice treat to the fans that have paid to subscribe to the online feeds.

This article by the Inquisitr will serve as a live resource as the Week 9 Head of Household Competition takes place on the CBS live feeds. This is going to be an endurance challenge for the live feed subscribers to enjoy watching, setting the stage for some excitement later on Thursday night. It will also yield a lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers for the weekend, as CBS viewers will have to seek out the information.

As the remaining eight houseguests compete to take the power in the BB19 house, this article will update fans on the progress of the endurance challenge. As outgoing Head of Household, Christmas Abbott isn’t going to be able to participate, but she might have had to sit out due to her medical condition anyway. It raises the stakes for everyone else, especially since the expendable houseguests have just about run out for the primary alliances this season.

Paul Abrahamian, Raven Walton, Josh Martinez, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Kevin Schlehuber are the seven houseguests competing in the endurance challenge. Fans seeking the answer to who won the HOH Competition tonight will be greeted with one of those names, as Mark Jansen is about to get unanimously evicted from the BB19 house. That’s a bad piece of news, as the number of fans supporting Mark has gone up over the past two weeks.

The Thursday night episode of Big Brother 19 will air at 9 p.m. PT/ET on CBS. Immediately following the East Coast viewing of the episode, the Head of Household Competition will appear on the live feeds. It’s also possible that the endurance challenge will begin during the one-hour installment, but there won’t be enough time for host Julie Chen to announce the winner. This next round of Big Brother 19 spoilers could also set the stage for how the rest of the season progresses.

It’s time for the August 24 HOH Competition! (Updated: 7:56 p.m. PT / 10:56 p.m. ET)

The seven competing houseguests were placed in hot dogs with baseballs to hold on to inside and sprayed with condiments as they were elevated in the backyard. The object of the competition was very simple, as the last person to survive the endurance competition would be crowned the new Head of Household.

The live feeds weren’t turned on right after the episode, so more than 10 minutes had passed. When the cameras were finally turned back on it was revealed that all seven people were still in the competition. Less than a minute later, Kevin Schlehuber fell and was the first one eliminated. He is likely a Have Not for the week now. Less than five minutes later, Matthew Clines fell off as well.

Paul Abrahamian, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, Raven Walton, and Josh Martinez are the final five people competing to become the Week 9 Head of Household. The winner will be required to come up with two nominees for the next Big Brother 19 Eviction Ceremony on Friday (August 25). Following Kevin and Matt falling almost immediately after the cameras were made available to the live feed subscribers, the remaining five houseguests continued to do well in the competition. There was a lot of joking taking place.

Josh Martinez was the third contestant to fall. Paul, Jason, Alex, and Raven have been hanging tough for nearly an hour now, with each one of them knowing how important it is to be the HOH in the BB19 house for next week. Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton fell at the same time, leaving just Jason Dent and Alex Ow competing for the power. After working out a deal, Alex Ow quit the challenge, making Jason Dent the new Head of Household.

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