Lady Gaga Teases New Netflix Documentary, Which Will Premiere Next Month At TIFF

Popstar Lady Gaga has a new documentary coming out, which is titled Five Foot Two. The film will first premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which runs from September 7 to September 17. Following the screening, Gaga herself will give an intimate onscreen performance. The film will then arrive worldwide on Netflix on September 22. This is the second documentary about Gaga in recent years; Lady Gaga the Art of Music was released in 2014 by director NJ Silva.

Five Foot Two is being directed by filmmaker Chris Moukarbel, with this being the third documentary he has directed. His previous work includes 2012’s Me at the Zoo about video blogger Chris Crocker and 2014’s Banksy Does New York, which chronicles the work of the infamous street artist in New York City. He also directed three episodes of the HBO documentary series Sex on //, which explores sex in the modern day information age.

Moukarbel followed Gaga around for a year in order to chronicle the life of the world-famous popstar. The movie promises that it has created a candid and intimate portrait of her life as it shows her dealing with the physical and mental demands of the music industry. It will also show the singer as she deals and struggles with health issues, insecurities, relationships, and more.

Lady Gaga performs during Super Bowl
Gaga has had a big year, first performing in the Super Bowl and recently starting her Joanne World Tour[Image by Al Bello/Getty Images]

To promote the documentary, Gaga posted several short clips to her Twitter and Instagram pages, each being just over a 30-second snippet from the film. She also tweeted out the poster for the movie. In the first video, the singer is underwater as over it plays over a clip of her talking to friend and designer Brandon Maxwell.

Gaga is crying and clearly struggling with the loneliness that comes from being a high-profile figure in the public eye, saying, “I’m alone, every night, and all these people will leave.”

The second clip shows her ascending upward on cables toward the NRG Stadium rafters as part of the preparations for her halftime show entrance during Super Bowl 51 this February. The final clip shows her sitting inside a doctor’s examination room, preparing for a medical procedure. Gaga listens to a list of treatment options, with one of them being a “component of psych,” which is probably to help her manage her chronic pain.


[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]