Kate Middleton: Her Favorite Skin-Care Products And Her Surprising Reason For Recycling Outfits

The reason behind her repeat looks

Kate Middleton is known for her incredible sense of fashion and the elegance to match when stepping out in impeccable designer attire. The duchess radiates a beauty and charisma, however, that would be mention-worthy no matter what ensemble she chooses to wear for a given occasion.

Often times, Middleton has appeared at events dressed in a piece that she has worn in the past and seems to easily make any recycled look appear fresh and brand new. The usual reason given for the duchess donning recycled attire is her attempts at being financially-conscious and frugal when she can.

However, a British fashion writer, Simon Glazing, has piped up and suggested that the frequently recycled pieces all have to do with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanting to be more identifiable to the masses. The Express relays the words of Glazing regarding Kate’s style selections.

“There has been lots written about the Duchess and Prince William’s spending. It’s likely to be the reason why she is thrifty with her wardrobe and often recycles dresses and coats. Even a princess has to dress on a budget.”

As the publication notes, recently Middleton was spotted stepping out in a favorite Alexander McQueen jacket that she wore as far back as 2014 and again in 2016. There have been countless other occasions that have seen the duchess in repeat wear, and it is clear why the suggestion about this possibly being a tactic to make the royal more relatable is quite plausible.

Prince William and Duchess Kate have spent their early years of marriage living a life as “normally” as possible while under the constant royal spotlight. Middleton has been known to be a hands-on mother to their two little ones and the royals are said to be doing their best to give their children an upbringing that is balanced.

Additionally, there is no question that Kate Middleton inspires trends worldwide, whether related to clothing for herself and for her children, or when it comes to beauty products and items purchased, all eyes are constantly on the duchess’ choices. Middleton has even had such a huge effect on various independent businesses due to her purchases that it has been been termed the “Kate effect.”

Recently, Allure has given details about Middleton’s favorite beauty products, which will likely result in the effect taking full hold and benefitting the mentioned skin-care line.

The publication relays that “For skin-care, Kate has long relied on Dr. Karin Herzog’s line of products, in particular the Vita-A-Kombi 1, a treatment made with one percent active oxygen; the Oxygen Face.”

The products of choice are clearly working for Kate Middleton and her fashion choices are praised around the globe, so it’s no wonder she has been unofficially crowned the princess of style.

[Featured Image by Pool/Getty Images]