‘GH’ Rumors: Are Steve Burton’s Character And Franco Twins? Was Heather Webber Right?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that the return of Steve Burton to the set of the popular daytime drama will introduce exciting drama and unexpected plot twists. While Burton has kept tightly sealed lips, fans believe that he dropped a hint that his character was the old and “real” Jason when he appeared in a recent video dressed in the character’s signature tight-fitting black T-shirt.

Old Jason Twin Story – The Franco Connection

Recent online speculation has explored alternative theories about how Burton’s character relates to other characters in the daytime drama. GH buzz indicates that one possible scenario is that Burton’s character is Franco’s twin brother, contrary to the expectation that the character will be the lost twin of Billy Miller’s character.

For instance, CDL noted the fact that since Franco (Roger Howarth) returned to Port Charles, he has been struggling to rehabilitate himself and reconcile with victims of his past evil deeds.

GH writers even tried to facilitate his rehabilitation by claiming that much of his past evil deeds were due to a brain tumor which affected his personality.

Heather Webber’s Story, Franco’s Painting

Franco’s girlfriend, Liz (Rebecca Herbst), takes an interest in one of Franco’s paintings, which appears to represent vague memories from his early childhood. The painting shows Franco as a child with a fantasy friend who supposedly helped him through difficult times. Franco tells Ava he does not want to sell the painting because it has special significance to him.

Some fans immediately began speculating that GH might have dropped a hint about what to expect because Franco’s painting could represent stirrings of repressed memories from his past, and his fantasy friend could, in fact, be his forgotten twin brother.

Others recalled that the GH super villain, Heather Webber (Robin Mattson), who made a career out of stealing and selling newborns, had claimed that Franco and Jason are twins. The two were actually believed to be Quartermaine twins until Heather walked back her story, and it was claimed that Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Webber are Franco’s biological parents.

However, some fans believe that Webber’s claim could turn out to be true.


Franco And Jason As Mortal Enemies

Jason and Franco are mortal enemies. Jason was believed to have killed Franco until he returned to Port Charles seeking reconciliation with past victims. Franco was portrayed as a sociopathic killer who was obsessed with a vendetta against Jason when he first appeared in Port Charles. Fans will recall that Jason was raised from childhood by Scott Baldwin. Susan Moore (Gail Ramsay), Jason’s mother, was Webber’s cousin. Jason is supposed to be Moore’s son with Alan Quartermaine. Alan cheated on his wife, Monica, by having an affair with Moore. When Moore died, Jason went to live with Alan Quartermaine, who is believed to be his father.

Will Twin Revelation Lead To Franco And Jason Reconciliation?

General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 28 reveal that Liz offers Sam support after Jason (Billy Miller) is shot in an incident of mob violence that involves Sonny. However, when Franco tries to offer help, Sam has an epic meltdown that puts Liz in an awkward position. Sam cannot forget the suffering that Franco caused her in the past when he kidnapped her along with Carly (Laura Wright) and Lulu.


It is clear that despite efforts by Franco to rehabilitate himself and reconcile with his enemies, Jason and Sam aren’t ready to forget the past.

If the online buzz that Franco and Jason are twins is true, Franco might be the one who helps to resolve the mystery of the identity of Burton’s character after the recovery of his childhood memories represented in his painting.

Will the twin revelation lead to Jason’s reconciliation with Franco?

General Hospital spoilers and buzz indicate that after Burton’s character appears in Port Charles, Billy Miller’s character suffers an identity crisis and begins investigating his past to find the truth about who he really is. The self-search odyssey will be part of an epic storyline riddled with surprising plot twists, as EP Frank Valentini hinted. Thus, the idea that Franco is Jason’s twin could be one of several red herrings before the truth finally emerges.

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