‘MechWarrior Online’ Updated With Conquest Mode, New Mechs, And More

MechWarrior Online, the free-to-play mech sim from developer Piranha Games, received a substantial content update yesterday that saw the introduction of a new map, two unique mech variants, and one all-new mech along with a host of other items.

MechWarrior Online‘s new mode, Conquest, pits teams against each other in a battle for five control points scattered across each map. If you’ve played any shooters recently, you know the deal: Stand on a point until it’s captured, earn more and more points for your team the longer you’re able to defend it.

The latest MechWarrior Online update also adds in a night version of the recently added River City map, two new “hero” mechs – Fang and Flame, variants of the Dragon chassis – one all-new Assault-class mech, the Stalker, new Camo Spec paint, and a few more Holiday-themed items to deck out your mech with.

Also included update is a thorough tweaking of how C-Bills, MechWarrior Online‘s in-game currency, are distributed after each match. Trial mechs no longer have a C-Bill penalty, and C-Bill bonuses for wins, losses, draws, kills, assists, and so on have all had their values tweaked.

Additionally, new players will now receive a bonus amount of C-Bills for their first 25 games, allowing them to close the gap between themselves and more experienced players.

“Conquest mode is a huge addition to how the game is played and one that I think veteran players will enjoy” said Bryan Ekman, creative director at Piranha Games.

“We’re also excited to see how new players react to the changes in advancement at the beginning of the game. One issue we’ve heard repeatedly is that MechWarrior Online has a steep learning curve. We feel this content update drastically improves this aspect of the game and look forward to hearing the feedback from new players.”

Interested in seeing the two new Hero mechs in action? Check out the video below.