Mark Cuban Livetweets Kidney Stone Ordeal

Mark Cuban may be the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, but there are some things money can’t buy — and immunity from kidney stones is one of them.

Recently, Mark Cuban learned that rich or poor, famous or anonymous, if deposits of minerals residue build up in your urine expulsion mechanisms, you’re gonna have a bad time.

And in light of the unfortunate medical situation in which Cuban found himself, the mogul decided to share his ordeal with his nearly one and a half million Twitter followers.

Cuban’s kidney stone nightmare (and from what I have heard, kidney stones are horrifically painful) began on December 16, it would appear.

On that day, the Mavericks’ owner tweeted from a Canadian hospital to thank doctors and nurses, but didn’t explain why he was there.

More details ensued, however, when Mark began using Twitter to distract himself from the pain of passing the kidney stones, which doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea considering all the waiting that goes along with passing a kidney stone.

The tweet read:

Two days later, Cuban appeared to still be struggling with the issue, tweeting:

And today, it seems Mark Cuban’s kidney stone problem is ongoing — he lamented:

Kidney stones are no joke..its good when im doubled over because that means its moving, right.. #twitterpaindistraction — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 19, 2012

Cuban also tweeted:

I’d gladly trade this kidney stone for an alien probe..

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 19, 2012

Tell Em I’m doing this stone grandpa style.No really,…. #stuffyouthinktryingtopassakidneystone

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) December 19, 2012

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