Michael Strahan On Gap Teeth: I’m Not Perfect And I Don’t Want To Be Perfect

Michael Strahan has made a lot of money during the course of his career, but he’s never fixed the big gap in his teeth. Why? Well, the former NFL player and current co host ofLive! With Kelly and Michael said that he made a choice to not be perfect.

Strahan said that he felt a lot of pressure to be perfect during the start of his career. He was playing for the New York Giants and had the opportunity to straighten up his smile. Instead, Strahan decided to embrace his imperfection and keep his gap teeth.

Strahan told Elle Magazine:

“I was at the dentist having him do mock-ups. I thought about it, man…I was in my twenties. I was playing with the Giants. There’s so much pressure to be perfect. You can fix anything now. For me, I made the conscious effort to say, ‘This is who I am.’ I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be perfect. At this point, I don’t think my kids would recognize me without it.”

Strahan talks about his childhood crush (Elizabeth Shue), talking to American girls (they can be challenging), and his new fiance Nicole Murphy.

Strahan, who has been married twice, said that he still believes in marriage.

Strahan said:

“I can be myself. I have someone who gets along with my family, and who gets along with my friends. And we have a lot of the same interests. Life is just a lot more peaceful. I definitely believe in marriage.”

Are you a fan of Michael Strahan? Do you think he made the right decision about his gap teeth?