‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13: Will Jane Lynch Come Back As Diana Reid? One BAU Member Goes Missing

Criminal Minds cast member Jane Lynch revealed that she is unsure if her character will make an appearance in the coming Season 13 of the hit CBS police procedural series. The actress, who plays the role of Diana Reid in the show, remains hopeful that fans will get a glimpse of her character this season but admitted that she is not really sure if that is going to happen, according to TV Guide.

Part of Jane’s uncertainty regarding the appearance of her character may be due to Diana’s medical condition. Spencer’s mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer, a condition that is made even more difficult with the occasional schizophrenic episodes. While Lynch may be uncertain how the showrunners plan to deal with her character’s condition, she revealed how she loves playing the role and is definitely ready to play Diana once more should the script require her back.

“She’s in a very interesting place right now. She’s suffering from Alzheimer’s but she has moments of perfect clarity. She and Matthew Gubler’s character [Spencer Reid] have a very interesting, very complicated but very loving relationship. It’d be great to dive into that again.”

But there is one fact that seems to indicate the possibility that fans may still get to see Diana, if not in the coming Criminal Minds Season 13, then perhaps in future seasons. The last time the character was shown, she was safe and in BAU’s custody after being rescued from Cat Adams and Lindsey.

Sadly, Criminal Minds spoilers suggest that one of the BAU members will go missing, possibly becoming a kidnap victim of a still unknown villain. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Erica Messer revealed some teaser on what’s in store for the show next season.

In the previous season’s finale, six BAU personnel were on board a couple of SUVs and in a hurry to meet with Reid. However, their vehicles’ tires were sabotaged and a horrific accident involving an 18-wheeler occurred, the fate of the characters becoming the major cliffhanger of the finale.

But thankfully, there will be survivors and that is for certain. While Messer did not exactly confirm that everyone will live, at least one character will be in trouble whose identity will be revealed in the coming season 13 premiere of Criminal Mind.

“Garcia [Kirsten Vangsness] has just learned that her team is in trouble. And the first person she calls is Agent Simmons. He drives them to the site of the last known signal from the team. They discover this horrific car accident. Once they see who is injured, they discover that someone is missing.”

Can you guess who the missing character could be? Criminal Minds Season 13 will premiere on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

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