'DOOL' Spoilers: Steve And Tripp's Fresh Start, Ava's Son Makes Huge Donation, But Is It Enough For Kayla?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of August 28 reveal that Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols) will forgive Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). The two will make a fresh start. In fact, Ava's biological son will donate his entire inheritance as a way to wipe the slate clean. However, will this be enough to convince Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) to give him another shot?

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is going to happen on the NBC soap opera.

According to Daytime Royalty Online, Tripp Dalton will receive forgiveness from his father. This completely shocks him after everything he did. Steve and Tripp will start over and try building their relationship on a foundation of honesty. However, he will have enormous guilt over what he did to Kayla. In an attempt to wipe the slate clean, he will donate all of his money to University Hospital.

However, will the huge donation be enough for Kayla Johnson? Days Of Our Lives spoilers from head writer Ron Carlivati reveal the answer. In last week's issue of Soap Opera Digest, he explained that Kayla and Tripp's relationship is a work in progress. Even though Steve forgave immediately, don't expect the same thing from Kayla. However, everything will smooth over eventually. It will just take some time and Tripp will have to prove himself to the doctor.

Not only is Kayla still upset about nearly losing her job and medical license, but Joey Johnson's (James Lastovic) incarceration is also troubling her. This week on DOOL, everyone said goodbye to Steve and Kayla's son. However, what Kayla needs to understand is that he would have eventually confessed to Ava's murder. Long before Tripp, the crime bothered Joey. He was having a hard time living with himself. Depression, anxiety, and stress were taking over Joey's life. He couldn't shake it off, and as time went on, the guilt continued to get worse.

Even though Tripp hasn't had a great beginning on Days Of Our Lives, spoilers tease that he will turn himself around. In various interviews, Lucas Adams explained that Tripp was a good person. He has a moral compass, just like his father. However, anger over Ava's death took over his life. Also, his uncle and Jade Michaels (formerly Gabrielle Haugh) certainly didn't help matters.

Now that everything is out in the open, look for Tripp Dalton to become one of the good guys in Salem. Hopefully, Steve, Kayla, and Tripp can heal from what has happened. The Johnson family deserves happiness and it is something that DOOL fans want to see.What do you think is going to happen with Steve, Kayla, and Tripp on Days Of Our Lives?

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