Scott Baio Says His Support For Trump Has Grown Since His Charlottesville Comments

Scott Baio is now saying that his love of country comes before his career in the entertainment industry. He would prefer that everyone stop whining about Donald Trump and start appreciating the positive things Trump has done. Baio has given an extensive interview to the Hollywood Reporter to stress that his support for President Trump has grown since Charlottesville and he wonders what it’s going to take for people to get over their complaining.

“I don’t give a s**t about Hollywood liberals. They’re gonna hate the guy no matter what.”

With all of the criticism that Trump takes daily, particularly from “late night talk show hosts,” Scott Baio says it’s no wonder that Hollywood conservatives are supporting the president even more than before.

“All this does is help Trump because people have had it. Conservatives in Hollywood have had it. We know who Trump is, and we don’t believe the propaganda, and I don’t think most of the country does, either. The media is almost irrelevant.”

But Scott Baio and his wife Renee are both routinely on Twitter fighting the good fight to make sure Trump’s message is out there, and neither one shies away from taking on other celebrities. After the election, Baio got into it with Rose McGowan on Twitter.

“It’s a tough week for having a soul,” tweeted McGowan.

Scott Baio took the bait and responded.

“I didn’t know you were the country’s conscience. But enjoy living in socialism. Keep getting plastic surgery.”

McGowan then composed herself and tapped out.

“I must recuse myself, can’t be in a Twitter fight with you @scottbaio it hurts the soul.”

But now Scott Baio is acting as if defending and supporting Donald Trump is his new calling.

“I guess I’m just an old, angry, successful white guy who stole everything he has from someone else.”

Baio says that for many Hollywood liberals, it wouldn’t matter if Donald Trump cured cancer.

“If he cured cancer, they’d be on him for putting oncologists out of business.”

Baio says his support for Donald Trump has grown since his comments on the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, and he believes that Trump had a point when he said that there were good and bad people on both sides. Supporting Donald Trump has become a full-time job for Scott Baio, as his last IMDb credit was from 2014. On the site, there are several personal quotes attributed to Baio.

“When I have a girlfriend, I feel caged in, I don’t know why.”

And considering the squabbles on Twitter as of late, this is the most notable.

“I very rarely came across rude or disrespectful people. I don’t know how I slipped by all of them, but I honestly can’t think of one experience off the top of my head that was like that. I’m sure they’re there, but I’d have to think really hard to recall them.”

In particular, Scott Baio has continued a Twitter feud with Senator Marco Rubio, which sometimes breaks down to name-calling.

“Manboy @marcorubio tweeted TEN times 2 condemn Pres @realDonaldTrump 4 Charlottesville. Today he’s a mute.Why not condemn Isis 4 Barcelona?”

When others jumped in to defend Rubio, Baio went after them. Marco Rubio did not respond to Scott Baio directly but shared a Bible verse to wrap up the subject.

“Fools take no delight in understanding, but only in displaying what they think. Proverbs 18:2”


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Do you think that Scott Baio is hinting that he would like a position in the Trump administration?

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