Who Got Voted Off ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Tonight? Week 2 Results

Another five s were sent home tonight on America’s Got Talent 2017, as it was time for Tyra Banks to reveal the AGT results. Seven acts moved on to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent Season 12 tonight. So, who got voted off America’s Got Talent 2017 tonight? Find out those Week 2 quarterfinal results below in our America’s Got Talent 2017 spoilers.

Besides those AGT results tonight, we also saw a special performance from Circus 1903. This was an act that transported us to the golden ages of the circus. This was a new act for the show and was fun to watch.

Things kicked off during the live episode with a look back at the performances from last night. We got some behind-the-scene look at things, which include the technical difficulties and Mel B throwing water at Simon Cowell.

After a thorough look at the performances, the 12 acts were on stage and it was time to find out which three acts will be competing for the Dunkin’ Save. The sixth, seventh, and eighth place acts were Eric Jones, Evie Clair, and The Masqueraders. America got to vote one more time on these acts, saving one for the semifinals. The judges on AGT 2017 then got to vote to save one of the two remaining acts, eliminating the other.


It was then time to get serious, as Tyra Banks delivered the first results of the night on America’s Got Talent 2017. The results were:

  • Safe – Light Balance
  • Eliminated – Brobots & Mandroidz

The next set of results then followed. The next act moving on to the semifinals on AGT Season 12 is:

  • Safe – Mandy Harvey
  • Eliminated – The Pompeyo Family

Tyra chatted with the Dunkin’ Save artists backstage before heading to the performance of the night. Circus 1903 turned the America’s Got Talent 2017 stage into a circus tonight. There was a lot of action on that stage, which was cool to see.


The final four acts took the stage and waited for their results on America’s Got Talent 2017. The results were:

  • Safe – Johnny Manuel
  • Eliminated – Demian Aditya

There were three acts left and two spots open before the Dunkin’ Save was used. The fate of those three acts was as follows:

  • Safe – Celine Tame and Merrick Hanna
  • Eliminated – Mirror Image

The Dunkin’ Save vote was now closed and the act that America put through to the semifinals was Evie Clair. They were showing the voting numbers during the show and she was way ahead.


The final two acts were on the stage and it was the turn of the AGT judges 2017 to save one of them, either Eric Jones of The Masqueraders. The judges split their votes again among the two acts, resulting to another tie. That meant it went back to America’s votes from last night, and the act moving on to the semifinals is Eric Jones, eliminating The Masqueraders.

What do you think of the results on America’s Got Talent 2017 tonight?

[Featured Image by NBC]