Jessa Duggar Appears With Baby Henry After Criticism, Fans Worried About Anna Duggar, Scandal, And Fifth Baby

Jessa Duggar recently has been overshadowed by her sisters and family members. Despite the fact that she got married and two baby boys, she still has a hard time rising above the other updates that her siblings have. When her son Spurgeon was recently featured on Duggar family’s Facebook page, she got a lot of criticisms about how she was rearing him. And now, the picture of baby Henry is triggering a lot of questions about how her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, is doing.

The 24-year-old mother may only have been married for two years, but she already has two babies. Her first son Spurgeon will turn 2 years old this November and baby Henry was born this past February. Having two kids means that it is harder for her to keep track of them.

The latest picture of Spurgeon that the Duggars posted made the fans of Jill & Jessa: Counting On question her parenting techniques. The picture featured the 21-month-old boy with two bottles in his mouth. While the family uploaded this to show how funny kids can be, the fans started commenting on how harmful it may be to keep using bottles.

The fans started calling this method “lazy,” with some adding that the best thing for babies are “breastfeeding.” Others worried about “teeth being damaged.”

Check out Spurgeon with two bottles in his mouth!

The next picture that the family posted of her baby got the fans asking about her brother’s wife. Josh and Anna Duggar are supposedly just days away from having their fifth baby. Due to the lack of news update, the fans have been left to their own devices to guess how far along Anna may be in her pregnancy.

Recently, Josh, Anna, and a handful of other Duggars flew to Rockford, IL, to the rehab center he visited when he was dealing with his scandals. The fans have been curious about the reason behind this visit, especially because Anna is so close to her due date.

So the picture of baby Henry got more comments of fans wondering about Anna and her baby, as well as the scandals that continue to surround Josh’s family.

“Did Anna ever have her baby yet?” A fan asked in the comment section. “The only babies we ever hear about are Jessa’s and Jill’s. Just wondering.”

“I don’t think Anna has had baby,” another responded. “[A]nd for all we know Anna may be asking for a little more privacy because of trolls and hate filled comments.”

It is true that Anna has been receiving a lot of negative comments because she decided to stay married to Josh and have another baby with him after the scandals broke loose. When the fans found out that he molested five underage girls and used extramarital dating services like Ashley Madison, they were simply outraged.

However, many of the fans were understanding of why Anna decided to stay.

“What struck me about Anna was her saying ‘when I made my vows, I made them to God first, Josh second,’” a fan commented. “She stayed with him because of her commitment and faithfulness to God, not to Josh. Some may think her stupid, I for one admire her strength and faithfulness. Bottom line, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and her decisions are her own.”

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[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Twitter]