Another Main Event Star Leaves Global Force Wrestling, Third Big Name In Less Than A Week

While many feel that Global Force Wrestling is turning things around, it's truly hard to believe that's the case with so many stars leaving the company lately. It has now been confirmed that main event star and former X-Division Champion Low-Ki is no longer with GFW. The superstar requested his release from the company during the last week of television tapings, and he was granted it. He is just the latest in a long line of those who have decided to leave since the re-branding from TNA.

According to PW Insider, Low-Ki is completely finished with GFW, but there are a number of reasons going around as to why he may be gone. One version states that it was a financial dispute, while another states that he simply wasn't happy with the creative plans they had for him in upcoming storylines.

Low-Ki was recently involved in the main event scene and had become a part of LAX as he prepared to challenge Alberto El Patron for the GFW World Title. After El Patron's suspension and being stripped of the title, GFW threw Low-Ki back into the X-Division, and that was that.

If the second option ends up being the real reason he asked for his release, it isn't a surprising one.

The addition of Low-Ki really helped LAX as well since Homicide hasn't been seen in weeks, and he was absent for this week's TV tapings as well.

It does appear as if Low-Ki was not let go by Global Force Wrestling, but he was simply granted his release upon asking for it. He's far from the first one to get his release granted and a lot of them have happened in the last week alone.

Last week, Wrestling Inc. reported that Tyrus was not planning on working the upcoming GFW television tapings because he wasn't being treated right. He was planning on holding out and wasn't going to return to the company until things changed, but it appears as if they never did.

A mere two days after his original comments, Tyrus tweeted out that he had been granted his release from the company.

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It didn't stop there either, as around the exact same time, Pope D'Angelo Dinero/Elijah Burke as he took to social media to say his goodbyes to the Global Force Wrestling fans.

Dinero had been with TNA/GFW since returning in 2015 as a wrestler and an announcer. It's just been a very rough time for GFW as they have lost a lot of huge names, and here are just some of those who have left the company this year.

  • Drew Galloway/Drew McIntyre
  • The Hardy Boyz
  • Crazzy Steve
  • Tyrus
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Brandi Rhodes
  • D'Angelo Dinero
  • Matt Morgan
  • Davey Richards
  • Angelina Love
Things got really weird in the situation of Brandi Rhodes as she began working for a non-wrestling company in Atlanta during her time with the promotion. Sportskeeda reported that GFW demanded 10 percent of her earnings from that company, which she refused to do, and it led to her requesting her release.

It has been a really weird time for Global Force Wrestling this year as they've gone from TNA to GFW and started bringing in new names and losing others. The loss of Low-Ki is a big one, though, as he's very talented and extremely over with the fans, but things just didn't work out between the two. If the company isn't careful, they could end up with a promotion that has more unknown stars than recognizable names.

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