‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown’s Catfish Has Been Slapped With Restraining Order

Everyone who loves Sister Wives remembers when Meri Brown was catfished. She was talking to what she thought was a man named “Sam Cooper,” but it turned out it was a woman named Jackie Overton that is from Oklahoma. Meri obviously had feelings for this person, but she has worked her marriage out with Kody since then. Now Life & Style Magazine is sharing that Jackie has a new victim and she now has a restraining order against her from this person. Meri obviously moved on from all of this.

Mary McGregor went to her YouTube channel to post about being catfished and didn’t hold back. She said that Jackie even threatened to make child abuse claims against her and said she had hacked her computer. Meri Brown made it clear that she was scared of Jackie during part of what was going on with them. It is unknown if she was using the name “Sam Cooper” once again or not.

Mary shared saying, “She started posting the names of my family and friends [online]. She tried contacting my son on Facebook [and] she started posting that she is going to make child abuse reports against me, claiming that I’m abusing my baby.” Of course, Mary wanted everyone to know that she doesn’t abuse her child and this was a totally false claim. No word yet on if Meri Brown has reached out to this woman to support her while she is going through all of this with Jackie.

Mary actually feels like Jackie is dangerous. She reported Jackie to the FBI plus filed a police report. Then on August 10, she was granted an emergency order of protection. They will have a hearing on August 25 to see if she will be granted a permanent order. Hopefully, more details will come out after they go to court once again.


Are you surprised to hear that Jackie Overton has moved on to catfish someone other than Meri Brown? Do you think that she might stop now? Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully, Sister Wives will return to TLC soon. At this time, TLC hasn’t shared if the show has been renewed or not, but the Inquisitr did share that there has been some talk about Maddie Brown Brush getting her own spin-off show.


[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]