Idiotic British Actress Releases An Image Posing With A Gun To Her Head On Day First Sandy Hook Victims Are Buried

Helen Flanagan, a British actress, has caused controversy on Twitter after publishing a picture of herself pointing a gun to her head on the day the first victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were buried.

She posted the sexy picture, in which she is simply wearing a black bra, alongside the message “Head f***.” On Friday, twenty children each of whom were aged between six and seven, and six adults, were shot dead by Adam Lanza in their classroom in the quiet town of Newtown, Connecticut.

An angry father who was at a shrine to the victims in Connecticut said, “It’s just ignorance when the eyes of the world are on what happened here, to be posing with a gun like that is insensitive and stupid.”

Garrett Gloss, a Newtown native who was looking to commemorate the victims by adorning 26 lights in the town’s library said, “This is plain wrong. You can’t do this. It looks she is just trying to get her name out there.”

Another angry commenter called her an “insensitive b**ch,” whilst an offended individual also wrote, “You are sick & should be disgusted. cannot believe your stupid gun photo.”

Flanagan, who recently starred in the British reality TV show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has since removed the image, which was photographed in October and has failed to comment on the issue but did recently tweet, “I was so hungover yesterday.”

What do think of Helen Flanagan’s images? Do you believe that they are insensitive or just an example of ignorance?