‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Denies Having A Preference For White Men, Calls Out DeMario Jackson

Rachel Lindsay is not letting DeMario Jackson get away with saying that she’s only “attracted to white men.” In a recent interview, The Bachelorette Season 13 contestant claimed that everyone knew that Lindsay had a preference for white men, which the lead now vehemently denies.

In an interview with The E&G Podcast, DeMario Jackson revealed that since the beginning, Rachel Lindsay has been giving off the vibe of being attracted to white men. Jackson claimed that it’s not only him who noticed, but even the guys in the house.

“From the beginning you knew that she was attracted to white men. You knew that. No disrespect, you just knew. She had that vibe,” he said.

Jackson even recalled that on the first night, the guys can already predict that the final four will be Dean Unglert, Peter Kraus, Bryan Amosolo, and a “black representative,” like him or Eric Bigger.

When asked why he thought it will be between him and Bigger in the end, Jackson explained that having either of them will “make for good TV.” Jackson added that he and Eric have different yet similar personalities.

“It’s either me, the wild and crazy black guy, or it’s going to be the very spiritual, down-to-earth, positive, motivating guy. You have Dean, because he’s f**king drop dead gorgeous,” he said.


Jackson said that Lindsay just did not seem interested in any of the black guys. For instance, he pointed out that she did not look too thrilled during her one-on-one date with Kenny Layne, a complete contrast to how she acted during her date with Unglert.

“You see her talk to Dean and she’s just like, head over heels. You can kind of tell,” he said.

It did not take long for Rachel Lindsay to fire back at DeMario Jackson’s allegations. After the show posted highlights of their interview with Jackson on Instagram, the Dallas born attorney left a short but meaningful comment.

“Says the guy that dated Lexi. Demario never knew me and still doesn’t,” she wrote.


As Bachelorette fans may recall, Lexi Thexton made an appearance on the Season 13 of the show, claiming that she was dating Jackson before he dumped her to be on the show. When asked about his relationship with Thexton, he explained that he only knew her from the dating app Bumble.

Jackson was ultimately eliminated after he got into a heated discussion with Lindsay and Thexton, two weeks into the show. He later went on to join Bachelor in Paradise but was later sent home following the scandal involving him and Corinne Olympios.

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