’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’: What Fans Didn’t See During Danielle And Mohamed’s Divorce Hearing

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After stars Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali are officially divorced. Last Sunday’s episode aired the day Danielle and Mohamed went to court to await the judge’s decision regarding their ill-fated marriage.

Danielle originally wanted to file for an annulment so she can have her ex-husband deported back to Tunisia. She’s armed herself with enough evidence to prove that Mohamed cheated on her many times and only used her so he could get a U.S. visa. However, the judge advised her lawyers that an annulment based on fraud will be difficult to obtain. Reluctantly, Danielle ended up settling for a divorce.

A triumphant Mohamed walked out of the courthouse with a selfie stick on hand. Apparently, he’s been filming himself as a means of self-protection. He also blasted their divorce on social media almost right after, which angered Danielle who obviously hasn’t had the time to process everything yet.

Unfortunately for 90 Day Fiance fans, the actual divorce proceedings weren’t shown because the Ohio judge did not allow the reality show to film inside the courtroom. What exactly happened behind closed doors? Did Danielle and Mohamed exchange fiery words in the heat the moment? Danielle is speaking out now.

In a recent Periscope video, Danielle Mullins Jbali (she’s still using Mohamed’s last name) let fans in on what really transpired during their court hearing on March 22. The 44-year-old reality star narrated that the hearing lasted for one whole hour, and she and Mohamed sat on opposite ends of the room.

Danielle slammed Mohamed’s old Facebook post when he claimed that the hearing went peacefully “without talking about any single thing in the courthouse.” She said that Mohamed actually went up to the judge and told him that he had evidence that Danielle committed fraud and threatened that he was going to use this should she insist on the annulment.

Mohamed went in there and told them that I committed fraud and he would fight the annulment, and this and that.

According to Danielle, her lawyers later advised her to agree to a divorce for a number of practical reasons. Because Mohamed opted not to hire a lawyer, he claimed that he did not know the process and paperwork involved. This would prolong the annulment process, which would incur more cost on Danielle’s part.

“It could cost me thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to fight the annulment…So I had to weigh my options. Do I file the annulment and continue fighting it, and continue wasting money to get the annulment? Because I was the one paying the lawyer.”

In the show, Mohamed agreed to pay for Danielle’s legal fees after the hearing. Now, five months later, Danielle said that Mohamed has not given her a dime ever since.

Also, she clarified that their divorce was only finalized on May 25, not on that day when Mohamed started blasting it on social media. She revealed and her lawyer went back to the court to file certain revisions, which were all denied.

“He’s made fun of our court system by the way he acted in court. And he made a mockery of our immigration.”

In March, Mohamed announced that he will be going back to Tunisia on his own accord. However, his recent social media posts suggest that he’s still living in the United States. While Danielle did not get her original wish to get an annulment, she said that the fight to deport Mohamed is far from over.

In the middle of the video, she pulled out a folder with all her evidence against Mohamed’s cheating and affidavits against his credibility.

“I have submitted my evidence to immigration…I have affidavits from myself, my sister, my son, and two of my daughters…And then every single woman that he’s been associated with has a section in here, too.”

Next Sunday, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 2 will air the first of its three-part “Tell-All” special. Be sure to tune in, and expect more explosive revelations from both Danielle and Mohamed.

[Featured Image by Danielle Mullins Jbali/Facebook]