Jimmy Kimmel Newtown Remarks: Host Gets Choked Up Talking About School Shooting

Jimmy Kimmel devoted his opening monologue to addressing Friday’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, getting emotion as he delivered a heartfelt message to victims’ families.

In the remarks, Kimmel talked about how it is awkward being a comedian and trying to make people laugh in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

“It feels weird to do a show with so much sadness, but sometimes that’s what needs to happen,” Kimmel said, tearing up a little as he spoke.

Jimmy Kimmel was among a number of television hosts and shows to address the Newtown school shooting. Saturday Night Live eschewed its normal comedy skit to open its show with a children’s choir singing “Silent Night.” The Voice also included a tribute to the victims of the Connecticut school shooting, MSN noted.

Conan O’Brien also talked about the events in Newtown on his show, calling it an “absolutely horrific” and “insanely mindless” act, saying it was very difficult to look through the news for funny. He said he would try to bring some humor and levity to those struck so hard by tragedy.

The events were also reminiscient of the period after 9/11, when hosts like Jon Stewart and David Letterman took turns offering their somber opinions rather than comedy.

After telling victims and their families that they are in his thoughts, Jimmy Kimmel took a chance to praise President Obama’s speech at the vigil for victims in Newtown. As a nice transition, he next showed some Christmas lights that looked to be in the shape of a penis, The Huffington Post noted.