Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway Compete In ‘Sad Off’: ‘Django Unchained’ Versus ‘Les Miserables’

Following the release of recent films “Les Miserables” and “Django Unchained”, Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway decided to have a little offbeat fun, according to Zap2it.

Two of the biggest films of the 2012 holiday season are actually the least cheerful, and while you may not have noticed it, Jackson and Hathaway definitely have.

“Django Unchained”, the recently released film from Director Quentin Tarantino, is about slavery and copious bloodshed.

“Les Miserables”, the remake of Director Richard Boleslawski’s 1935’s romantic drama of the same name, takes its inspiration from the sad, political-commentary novel written by Victor Hugo.

Les Miserables

Both films contain lots of horrible deaths, but which one is more sad? Point by point, they state their case as Samuel L. Jackson of “Pulp Fiction” and Anne Hathaway of “The Dark Knight Rises” have a “sad off” on Funny or Die.

Anne Hathaway points out that “Les Miserables” is sadder:

The movie’s title means “The Miserable [People].”
No one in the film has starred in a WB sitcom.
Fantine’s locks get cut off with a knife.
French prostitutes have never held high political office in this country.
A depressing factory job is lost.
Fantine loses her child.
People get beaten to death and have their heads blown off.

Samuel L. Jackson points out how “Django Unchained” is more sad:

It’s about slavery.
No one in the film was ever a Disney princess.
Being a black man in the South in the 1800s wasn’t much fun.
Millions of people died during slavery.
People get beaten, decapitated, and ripped apart by dogs.

Both films are pretty dark and violent, so it’s unclear which one wins this contest.