Miss Out On The SNES Classic Pre-Order Like Virtually Everyone Else? Here Are Three Ways You Can Still Get One

On Tuesday, the highly anticipated pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition finally arrived and before hardly anyone knew about them, they were gone. At the beginning of August, Nintendo revealed that the pre-orders would begin in late August and the world has been on edge since that time. Early on August 22, and then again in the early afternoon, pre-orders arrived and were gone, but there are still ways you can get one if you missed out.

As reported by The Verge, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon had pre-orders on their site early on Tuesday, but they disappeared quickly. Then, Gamestop had SNES Classic bundles online and pre-orders for just the system at their physical locations, but those were gone just as fast. Target had it online and it was gone.

Everyone knows the horror stories that came from the release of the NES Classic Edition last year, and some had figured that Nintendo learned from their mistakes. Unfortunately, they really didn’t learn anything, but they’re still trying and that means you still have a chance at getting your hands on a miniature version of a Super Nintendo.

At this point, some are already considering it a lost cause unless they want to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay. That isn’t necessarily the case and here are three ways you can still get your hands on a SNES Classic Edition before they’re gone for good.

Keep trying to order one online

Believe it or not, this is not something that is impossible At 5:40 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Target suddenly had an influx of SNES Classic Edition systems show back up. They were, of course, sold out in mere minutes, but they did reappear.

Nintendo has said that supplies to stores will be replenished before its release on September 29 and frequently after it hits stores. Don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to check every single day and see if they are back in stock online.

Throughout most of the day, the official website for Gamestop has been down, but if you keep hitting “refresh,” you may get lucky.

Hit the line at a nearby store on September 28 and wait until morning

Considering what a lot of people are doing with buying as many SNES Classic Edition systems on pre-order, only to resell them on eBay, you may want to just wait until the release date. On September 29, 2017, the system will officially hit stores and likely go just as fast as the pre-orders did.

Your best bet is to head to a Target or Best Buy or Gamestop or Walmart on the day before it is released and get in line. Check with the management of your local store, though, to make sure they are allowing customers to line up or even camp out to be first in line.

Wait until the SNES Classic is released and see if more are available

At this time, the SNES Classic is expected to be sold through the end of 2017, but an exact end date for sales is not yet known. No one has any idea just how many systems will be in stock on release day or how the replenishment will work once the initial shipments sell out.

It’s extremely possible that opening day shipments may be more plentiful than imagined and Toys R Us isn’t even going to sell any of them until that date. They aren’t taking pre-orders and will only sell them once the release date arrives.

The SNES Classic Edition is going to have more systems available for purchase than the NES Classic did, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be easier to get. Nintendo learned a little bit of something from themselves last year, but not a lot. These tips will help you better your chances at getting one and you still have around four months to snag one before you’re ordering one for $500 from Europe, but you will have to be smart about it.

[Featured Image by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]