‘BB19’ Host Julie Chen Weighs In On Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf Romance, Plus Who Could Return For All Stars?

BB19 host Julie Chen weighs in on recently evicted houseguests Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf’s romance and the possibility of one of them coming back for an all star season next year. Chen stated that the Big Brother community has strong feelings about Jessica and Cody, but you cannot deny they have strong feelings for each other.

Chen believes their love is the real deal and expects to see them together for a long time to come, E Online reported. She just wished one of them would have lasted longer in the game.

Julie revealed that Cody was a smart Big Brother player and knew that he had virtually no chance of winning the season. He wanted her to save the hex so she could try to win the game, but Jessica didn’t want to say goodbye to him so soon. She wanted more time together.

Jessica knew that together they had no chance of making it to the end together. She recognized that the week that Cody was out of the Big Brother house, she mended a lot of her relationships and made headway to break into an alliance. Even so, Jessica chose to save Cody for another week with her man. Julie points out that it probably wasn’t the best decision.

Julie suggested that the reason Jessica chose to use her hex was to “stick it to” the rest of the Big Brother house after they bullied and targeted her relationship with Cody. Even so, Julie points out that it probably wasn’t the smartest move and wished she would have put more thought into her usage of the Halting Hex temptation.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Julie is crossing her fingers that CBS will ask Jessica to return for an all star season. Chen seemed to imply that Season 20 would be an all star season.

The Big Brother host stated that Jessica is the ideal BB player. She has a huge social media following, is smart, beautiful, and knows how to play the game. Chen pointed out that she blew her game up by following her heart instead of making a smart strategic move.

Would you like to see Jessica on the next season of Big Brother? Do you think Jessica and Cody are the real deal? Share your opinion in the comments section below and come back later for more BB19 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on CBS.

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