Kylie Shop Sends Colorful Messages In First Clothing Launch Since Controversial Camouflage

Kylie Jenner’s product line — dubbed the Kylie Shop — is preparing to launch a collection of colorful clothes. Jenner took to social media to make the announcement on Monday as she directs attention to the website.

According to her post, the Brights Collection will launch on August 24 at 9 a.m. PST. It features bright yellow, blue, and pink clothing, as well as hats and cell phone cases. Each piece features a saying, such as “no photos please” and “unfollow me.”

The third saying is a bit more colorful as it states “chill b****” on items such as a one-piece bathing suit and a sports set. Jenner is also featured wearing a bikini on the line of shirts, which the shop refers to as Kylie Brights tee.

Cosmopolitan reported on the shirts as the site states the headless photo of Kylie is reminiscent of bikini cartoon coverups.

“The overall vibe seems to be like those decapitated, bikini-wearing cartoon cover-ups that you can buy in spring break towns.”

However, this seems to be one of the only negative reviews the new Brights Collection has received. Kylie’s previous launch of camouflage clothing was not well received, as fans accused her of copying brand PluggedNYC, as reported by People Magazine.

Instead, it seems most of Kylie’s fans and followers are excited for the release of new merchandise this month as people comment “need this” and “obsessed” on the Instagram posts.

However, Jenner’s new clothing is not without its critics, as some commenters questioned the pieces on Facebook. One commenter stated the bikini shirt is weird looking, as nothing about Kylie’s body seems natural, while another questioned why the 20-year-old is constantly trying to market herself on her products.

One Facebook user went as far as to say the Brights Collection is terribly designed and they won’t be purchasing anything from the line.

“I really love Kylie..but these designs are terrible..I’d never buy any of them.”

Ribbed Bikinis ???? Launching Thursday on

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The Kylie Shop’s new line of bikinis seems to be the most popular items, and fans have already left comments stating how “cute” they find the swimsuits.

A few people did question why Kylie is releasing swimsuits right before the fall season, though, as another stated the suits are probably overpriced.

“These bikinis are probably like $100 and they’re so basic and get them at target or Walmart for $12-20… sorry but I don’t approve of these.”

Despite some people finding fault with designs and suspected prices, fans can expect most of the products to sell out within days as is typical of almost anything Jenner markets.

Bustle reported on the Kylie Shop selling out within a few days following its initial product launch. However, since then, Kylie has had a few issues with selling merchandise.

New KYLIE x @ArthurGeorge87 collab! 3 new socks + gift set available right now at

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Some products, such as Kylie’s Arthur George socks and camouflage clothing, have proved that not everything Jenner markets is guaranteed to be a hit, as they have yet to sell out. She came under fire for both product launches, and the designs were harshly criticized.

But it seems the Brights Collection is making up for Jenner’s negative reviews, as her fans share their excitement over the products.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]