DeMario Jackson Speaks Out About ‘BIP’ Scandal, Had No Idea It Would Be So Big When It Happened

Tonight is the big night on Bachelor in Paradise when DeMario Jackson will talk about what happened on the show. People shared a bit about what he is going to say, and it turns out that he had no idea this was going to be such a big deal when he got sent home from the show.

DeMario explains that he remembers calling his dad to tell him he got kicked off, and his dad talked about how reality television isn’t for everyone. They laughed it off and had no idea about the media storm that was coming next. He shared that his mom had pretty much the same reaction and didn’t know it would turn out like it did.

When DeMario left the show, all that he knew was that he and Corrine Olympios were being kicked off. He went home and had dinner with his dad. He didn’t realize that the show was going to end up being shut down and that the entire world was going to hear various stories about what took place.

After things blew up, Corrine and DeMario both released their own statements, and they continued to get along with each other. The show aired a tiny bit of what went down between them on the first episode, but it never actually showed the tape of DeMario and Corrine in the pool. However, DeMario shared that he feels they aired enough of the tape.

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise, viewers will hear what DeMario Jackson has to say. He isn’t going to hold back at all, and this is what everyone has been waiting on. The preview showed him saying that one thing led to another, they started making out, and then headed to the pool.

Are you surprised to hear that DeMario Jackson didn’t realize that this was going to be such a huge deal? Do you feel like it was blown out of proportion? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss DeMario Jackson talking to Chris Harrison about it all tonight on a new episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

[Featured Image by DeMario Jackson/Instagram]