‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Spends Eclipse With Dog And Friends, Unlike Amy Who Was With Family

As America eagerly watched the cosmic spectacle that was this Monday’s solar eclipse, reality TV fans flocked to their favorite stars’ social media pages to see how they celebrated the special event. Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff was among these celebrities, posting a picture of himself, his dog, and some friends as they watched the event.

Matt shared a picture of himself, his dog, and several of his friends on the farm as they watched the cosmic event unfold. Matt and his friends were wearing protective glasses, and one of the reality TV star’s friends was even wearing a welding mask. In the photo, Matt could be seen beaming at the camera.

While Matt’s solar eclipse Facebook updates were received warmly by the Little People, Big World community, many of the reality TV star’s social media followers were rather disappointed to see Lucy, Matt’s canine companion, not wearing any protective gear on her eyes. Due to this, Matt’s Facebook update caused a number of his fans to air their concern about Lucy’s eyesight.

“Poor Lucy, shame on you for not keeping her inside,” one commenter wrote.

“Oh Matt, the dog should not be out in that – they can also receive severe damage to their eyes,” wrote another commenter.

Many of Matt’s social media followers, however, stated that there was nothing wrong about Lucy’s lack of protective eyewear during the eclipse since dogs and other pets are not in the habit of looking directly at the sun anyway.

“Have you ever seen a dog purposely look up at the sun? They don’t. The animals are fine,” one commenter argued.

“For those worried about the dog, don’t be. Dogs and animals don’t look at the sun. It’s not something they do. There have been MANY eclipses, and all the animals have been fine,” another commenter explained.

Interestingly, Matt’s upload during the solar eclipse did not feature any of his children or baby Jackson. As reported previously in a report by the Inquisitr, Audrey and Jeremy, as well as Zach and Tori, watched the cosmic event unfold with Amy, who watched the eclipse on a different part of the farm. Amy’s current boyfriend was also with the group.

Noticeably absent from both Matt and Amy’s solar eclipse updates was baby Jackson, who seemed to have been left indoors during the eclipse. Considering that the sun was fully out, however, Jackson’s absence in his grandpa and grandma’s social media updates was quite understandable.

Matt Roloff is currently busy on the farm, getting the whole place ready for the 2017 Pumpkin Festival, which is set to open on October. The reality TV star is also busy filming scenes for the latest season of the hit reality TV show, which is expected to return on TLC later this week.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]