‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Anna And Finn’s Diamond Adventure Lead To Recast Of Nikolas Cassadine?

Belynda Gates Turner - Author

Aug. 22 2017, Updated 6:50 a.m. ET

General Hospital spoilers from the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest hint that a new plot will take GH viewers somewhere unexpected and could bring a pivotal character back onto the canvas of Port Charles. This new mystery involves a spy, a doctor, a granddaughter, jewels, and a convict. GH spoilers tease one search might lead to surprising outcomes and more questions than answers. The recast rumors have been in high gear lately and finally, it might be coming true!

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Anna’s jewel obsession takes her to Europe

Upcoming General Hospital episodes will show that Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is very interested in the Berlin diamond that came into Emme Drake’s (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) possession thanks to Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel). This diamond will lead Anna on a new adventure with surprising consequences, but this plot is already off to a rocky start with inexplicable origins.

Supposedly, Anna is interested in the diamond as part of her ongoing investigation into Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). But this makes no sense. Valentin had absolutely nothing to do with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and her diamonds. GH writers seem to be grasping at straws while trying to force a connection between the Hayden and Valentin story lines.

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Why would Anna care about Hayden’s diamond?

It’s easy to see, from new General Hospital spoilers, that this plot has been hastily cobbled together to give Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) something to do since the ABC soap abruptly fired Rebecca Budig, cutting short her multi-year contract. Now, they have Finn at loose ends and need a plot for him. As a result, GH writers have scribbled this unlikely diamond scheme that’s on shaky ground right away.

GH viewers should be asking why Anna would care about that diamond. Emma had it, then it turned out to be from Hayden’s collection, and the federal agents now have it. That should be case closed. Hayden is gone, Anna had no overlap with her, and no reason to care about the runaway bride. Plus, there is no reason to suspect that diamond ties to Valentin in any way. This plot is already ridiculous.

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Anna goes to Finn who goes to Raymond Berlin

New General Hospital spoilers show that Anna contacts Finn about the diamond that Spencer gave to Emma. Finn tells Anna that Raymond Berlin (Robert Curtis Brown) might have answers. But Raymond doesn’t want to talk to special spy agent Anna, so Anna reportedly goes back to Finn for an assist. It seems that Finn goes to see Raymond.

No doubt Finn will tell Raymond that Hayden ghosted on him on their wedding day, and Raymond might talk to Anna, but it’s doubtful he knows anything more. Naomi Dreyfus (Robin Riker) seems like a more obvious choice for this line of questioning, but there aren’t any GH spoilers yet to suggest that Naomi is involved. This plot will soon twist from Hayden to something else.

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Contrived plot to bring in recast Nikolas Cassadine?

The one sticking point in Valentin Cassadine’s happy life in Port Charles is Nikolas Cassadine (formerly Tyler Christopher) being dead. Nikolas’ name has been brought up a lot recently, and that promises a recast might be coming to Port Charles. With Tyler Christopher under contract at Days of Our Lives, there’s no reason for GH not to recast the role and why mention Nik so much lately? Nick Stabile, who played Nikolas short-term, has tweeted his interest in resuming the role.

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Valentin and Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) talked about Nikolas last week, and Valentin seemed circumspect. He even told Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) that if Spencer’s civil case went to court, his lawyers would state that Nikolas is not dead since no body was ever found. Why has Nikolas been churned up lately if it’s for nothing – particularly since Prince Nik had the diamonds when he “died”?

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Anna headed to Europe with Finn?

There are some General Hospital spoilers for casting news that hint there’s more to this diamond case than meets the eye. As a former jewel fence, Anna will tap her international contacts after talking with Raymond Berlin. While Finn is no doubt hoping Anna’s diamond chase will lead him to Hayden, new GH rumors tease it could lead to Nikolas Cassadine in a recast debut.

GH casting spoilers from SheKnows Soaps might tie back to a Nikolas recast. First is Alla Korot, in an unnamed role, and the second is Inspector Desroches (Jean Christophe-Febbrari). Desroches debuts on August 31, but there’s no date on Alla Korot’s role. However, GH exec Nathan Varni clarified that she’d be a short guest arc. Since both actors are foreign, it sure seems like Anna’s inquiries lead to them in Europe where Nikolas was last spotted!

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Perhaps Alla Korot is playing Nikolas’ caretaker, who has nursed him back to health, and the Inspector helps Anna chase down her leads. We’ll know soon enough if all this Nikolas name-dropping means anything and whether the handsome Cassadine prince is back. Come back often for more GH news, including these General Hospitalspoilers for the week of August 22-25.

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