Jinger Duggar Shares A Mirror Selfie That Has Fans Concerned, But They Gush Over Jeremy Vuolo's Good Looks

Jinger Duggar shared a mirror selfie on Instagram that may temporarily silence the constant speculation that she's pregnant. However, it still has fans buzzing about the shape of her body.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have turned their Instagram pages into scrapbooks of their recent trip to Los Angeles. They checked out the ancient artwork at the Getty Villa museum on Saturday, and they listened to Pastor John MacArthur preach at Grace Community Church on Sunday. The couple was also out and about on Monday evening, but they didn't let their Instagram followers know where they were or what they were doing. One of the photos Jinger Duggar snapped was a mirror selfie. Elevators can be seen in the background, so it's possible that she and Jeremy were at their hotel when it was taken. However, Jinger's followers didn't care about the location of the picture; many of their comments were about the Counting On star's appearance.

And no, Jinger Duggar isn't wearing pants in the image. The top of a black skirt is barely visible in the round mirror below, and the Duggar-approved clothing item has been paired with a modest black-and-white striped shirt. Even though very little of Jinger's body can be seen in the photo, fans are concerned that she looks too thin.

"You look extremely unhealthy," wrote one of her Instagram followers.

"I hope she is eating," commented another.

These comments are in sharp contrast to what Duggar fans were saying about Jinger's body just one month ago. As In Touch Weekly reported, some of them swore that they spotted a baby bump in a photo of Jinger and her husband sitting on a bench at a flea market. However, Jinger was wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt that made it difficult to make out the shape of her stomach. Not long before the image was posted, a Counting On episode had aired in which Jinger talked about how much she was looking forward to buying clothes for her future kids. Perhaps fans were just seeing a bump that wasn't there in the flea market photo because Jinger's comments had them all excited about the prospect of seeing Instagram snapshots of a very stylish baby.

Fans haven't been able spot any possible baby bumps in Jinger and Jeremy's recent social media photos, so the pregnancy buzz has started to die down—only to be replaced by talk that Jinger is too skinny and needs to gain weight.

"Girl u loosing weight, eat u some more food. Life is short and don't be hungry girl," read another comment about her mirror selfie.

The responses to a photo of Jinger's husband were much different. He doesn't have to worry about fans scrutinizing his stomach in search of a bulge, and they definitely aren't criticizing his appearance; they think he's "handsome" and that Jinger is blessed to have such a "hot" husband.

"Stunning photo and man," wrote one fan.

"Lucky lady..he is a hottie!!" another commented.

Fans didn't comment on Jinger Duggar's weight or her stomach when Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of her on Saturday afternoon. It was taken during the couple's visit to the Getty Villa, and the responses to it may hold the key to ending the discussions about Jinger's body. Most of the comments were about the Counting On star's bright red pants, so perhaps wearing more slacks and skinny jeans is the secret to shifting the focus away from her size and shape.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]