Molly Sims Slammed For Solar Eclipse Picture Of Daughter Not Wearing Glasses

Actress Molly Sims came under fire on Monday after she posted a photo of herself and her daughter during the eclipse. Sims posted the picture on Instagram this afternoon. The picture showed Sims staring into the sky wearing protective solar eclipse glasses. Sims' daughter was also in the photo, staring up into the sky, but not wearing any glasses on her eyes. It didn't take long for people to start attacking Sims, calling her a bad mom.

As you've probably heard, it is very important to not stare at the sun during a solar eclipse unless you are wearing protective eyewear. Doctors and scientists have said that staring at a solar eclipse without wearing eclipse glasses can damage your retina and in some cases, it can cause blindness. Since everyone has been so hyper-aware of today's happenings in the sky, it's not surprising that people slammed Sims for allowing her little girl to be outside -- and looking up -- without wearing protective glasses.

You can check out the photo of Sims and her daughter below. Sims mentioned that she was "sharing glasses" in the photo's caption, which may mean that she was sharing with her daughter, who is probably too young to even look at the eclipse or know what she's supposed to be looking at. However, her daughter is clearly not wearing glasses in the pic.

"Where are the glasses for you daughter?!" one Instagram user asked.

"Ummm, poor Scarlett. I hope she doesn't go blind! Did you forget about her eyes?" asked another.

"Wow!!!!! Mom of the year!!!! As long as mommy see the eclipse we're good," added a third.

Sims has not responded to the criticism, nor has she taken the photo down. It's quite possible that the photo was taken after the eclipse or maybe even before it started, based on the amount of sunshine in the picture. As some other Instagram users pointed out, it seems clear that Sims' daughter wasn't actually looking at the sun -- but people were sure to get their digs in nonetheless.

Do you think that Molly Sims should have protected her daughter's eyes while outside today? Do you think that people should be upset about this photo? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Chrysalis Butterfly Ball]