‘Community’s’ Alison Brie Raps During Unexpected Hiatus

Alison Brie has proved that she doesn’t have to act on her television show Community to bust out some creativity on the spot. Brie, who plays Annie on the show, also has a rock band called The Girls. While filming has wrapped on the series and the start of the season’s airing has been pushed back, Brie has tested out her vocal chops by touring with her band of girls.

Brie took advantage of her downtime from the NBC comedy show Community, which she wrapped on weeks ago, to play around with her band. What was different on this jam date was Brie took her friend and Community cast mate Danny Pudi up to task and on stage for an impromptu rap session.

Anyone who’s a fan of Brie knows that the actress has a love of rapping, which costar and rapper Donald Glover often makes fun of her for. In the past, Glover, who is known in the industry as Childish Gambino, when he isn’t playing Troy on Community, has tapped Brie rapping. This time around she let her love of rapping known to the audience, and Pudi dropped a beat. The result is a hysterical video of Brie’s best spitting.

As hilarious as the rap may be, someone should tell Alison not to quit her day job. Luckily enough, Brie hasn’t decided to quit her day job yet. You can catch Brie in the upcoming comedy Save The Date, which also stars Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr.

Are you excited about Community’s final season?

Watch the video of Alison Brie’s rap below: