'American Horror Story: Cult' Spoilers: Opening Credits For Season 7 Revealed

American Horror Story fans are eagerly awaiting the Season 7 premiere of Cult, and although no official trailer has been released, they have seen a handful of teasers, and now the opening credits of the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the American Horror Story: Cult opening credit sequence was released on Monday, August 21, and fans are already freaking out over the video. In the credits, fans can see a mixture of creepy images such as bloody hands, a swarm of bees, insects crawling from inside someone's skin, people dressed as scary clowns carrying a casket, blood dripping down the American flag, and people covered in blood.

In addition to the creepy imagery during the American Horror Story Season 7 opener, there are many political references in the credits, including the flag. People in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks are also seen, as well as images of what seems to be George Washington.

As many American Horror Story fans know, Ryan Murphy has revealed that Season 7's Cult will be centered around the 2016 presidential election, which will be the date that kicks off the events of the new season. Murphy also revealed that Cult will feature cast members such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourde, Cheyenne Jackson, Alison Pill, and a cameo by Lena Dunham. Other cast members reportedly include Colton Haynes, Adina Porter, and Billy Eichner.

While many of the characters have yet to be revealed, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will play the roles of Ali and Kai, whom he calls "a love story for the ages," meaning that the two American Horror Story fan-favorite actors will be playing love interests for the second season in a row, which many die-hard fans are looking forward to seeing.

Many fans are excited about the opening title sequence reveal, as Season 6's Roanoke did not have any opening credits, which many viewers sorely missed. However, Cult will be much different, and fans are hoping for a killer season when the show returns to FX on September 5.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story: Cult spoilers? Are you excited by the Season 7 opening credits?
[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]