Jinger Duggar's Husband Jeremy Vuolo Shares Recorded Sermon, Gets Slammed By Critics For Being 'Tacky'

Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is a man who is proud of his faith. As could be seen on his Instagram posts and his Sunday sermons on his little church in Texas, the ex-soccer player turned pastor is incredibly fond of Scripture. Unfortunately for Jeremy, however, his most recent post about Christianity has managed to rub some of his social media followers the wrong way, and not because he bashed another religion again.

Over the past few months, Jeremy had attacked other Christian denominations and the Roman Catholic faith. Unsurprisingly, his sermons and statements about these sensitive topics were met with a lot of criticism from members of the Duggar family community. This time around, however, Jeremy got in trouble with his Instagram followers because of a video that he recently posted on his personal account.

Jeremy Vuolo's latest video, which could be viewed here, featured an excerpt from a sermon delivered by Pastor John MacArthur this past Sunday. Jeremy gushed over the prominent Christian minister on the caption of his video, expressing his gratefulness at being able to watch Pastor MacArthur in action.

"Blessed to have the opportunity to sit under the preaching of Pastor John MacArthur of @gracetoyou"
While the recording of Pastor MacArthur's sermon might seem innocent enough, however, some of Jeremy's followers felt that something was unacceptable about the reality TV star's actions during the Sunday service.

"I'm sorry, but I think it is awful that you are recording during services," one commenter wrote.

"It's one thing for a service to be recorded and shared professionally online. It's another thing for a person sitting in the audience to film. It's tacky and distracting for those around you," wrote another commenter.

Considering that Jeremy seems to be sitting quite close to Pastor MacArthur's pulpit during the service, the critics of the reality TV star do have a point. After all, a member of the congregation actively recording a sermon on a smartphone would be quite distracting to other church attendees, especially those who are paying close attention to what the pastor was teaching.

Considering that the ex-soccer player has not made his admiration of John MacArthur secret, it is quite easy to understand why Jeremy opted to record the pastor's sermon. Jeremy, after all, seems to be modeling himself after the veteran preacher, as could be seen in his style when delivering his messages to his own congregation.

Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger Duggar have become one of the favorite couples among the Counting On community, with many lauding the ex-soccer player for being open-minded enough to allow the Duggar daughter to expand her wardrobe choices and start wearing pants. Apart from this, the young couple also seems to be holding out on starting their own family, which is yet another thing that is not very Duggar-like. For now, at least, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo appear to be content with being just a regular, newly-married couple.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar are featured in Counting On, which is expected to return on TLC this coming September.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]