Brad Pitt Reportedly Dating Angelina Jolie Alleged Rival Charlize Theron, Enjoying 'Sizzling Attraction'

Ever since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split, Brad has faced rumors of his involvement with various lovely ladies. Now, however, there's an additional level of intrigue when it comes to the newest rumor linking Pitt to an attractive woman. According to a new report, Brad is moving on with a woman who is allegedly Angelina's "arch nemesis," according to Yahoo, which speculated that Pitt is attracted to blonde women at this point in his romantic life.

It's been almost a year since the bombshell news that Pitt and Jolie were splitting after 12 years together. Since last September, rumors about the 53-year-old actor's dating life have included both Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller. But now a source quoted by Yahoo claims that Brad has succeeded in secretly hooking up with blonde beauty Charlize Theron.

The insider revealed that although it is still early in the actor's alleged romantic relationship with Charlize, Pitt and Theron have been enjoying a "sizzling attraction" to each other for some time. The actor and actress reportedly are viewed as a good match for each other, with both known for their "hot" appearances.

"It's still early days, but already everyone sees they're a good fit," said the source.

"They have lots of sexual chemistry and they're both so damn hot!"
In addition, the insider said that although the 42-year-old Atomic Blonde actress and Brad have succeeded in keeping their romantic relationship out of the spotlight, Charlize dropped a clue about her dating life last month. The hint occurred when Theron was talking with Howard Stern.

Brad Pitt poses solo on the red carpet amid rumors he is dating Charlize Theron.
Brad Pitt poses solo on the red carpet amid rumors he is dating Charlize Theron. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

The actress, who has two children, described a romantic date that she had recently enjoyed. The evening with her unnamed mystery man featured a hike that lasted nine miles under the full light of the moon.

Charlize revealed that the date took place several weeks ago, describing her experience as "incredible" and noting that she felt "really impressed" by her man.

"I had an incredible date. This guy really impressed me," admitted Theron. "We went for a nine-mile hike in the middle of the night. It was a full moon."

Although the actress succeeded in staying silent about the identity of her mystery man, the insider pointed out that Pitt is known for loving the outdoors. Consequently, the source speculated that it's possible that Brad was the man who took Charlize on that romantic moonlight hike. The insider also listed the other passions that Pitt and Theron reportedly share.

"They both love having a good laugh, working out and reading. No doubt theirs will be a very passionate romance!"
However, although the source described Brad as happy with his rumored new girlfriend, the insider alleged that Angelina is "outraged" by the reports about Pitt's new romance. Allegations that Jolie and Theron are rivals have swirled for some time.

Charlize Theron reportedly is dating Brad Pitt.
Charlize Theron reportedly is dating Brad Pitt. [Image by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP Images]

In June, Radar Online told readers that Angelina's and Charlize's alleged "hate fest" had exploded over a role in the Bride Of Frankenstein, quoting a source who claimed that Jolie was delaying making a commitment to the movie. Radar speculated that the delay was because of Angelina's alleged rivalry with Theron.

"The delay may be a ploy to purposely annoy her rival, Charlize Theron."
Jolie reportedly was first in line to star in the Bride of Frankenstein, with Charlize as the runner-up. However, Radar claimed that Angelina was "stringing Theron along, refusing to commit to the project, and denying" the other actress a chance to take on other roles. According to the publication's insider, the so-called "Hollywood turf war" between Jolie and Charlize has existed for years.

"The hate fest between these two started a long time ago and just won't stop," summed up the source.

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