'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Recap: Danielle Cries After Annulment Hearing, Chantel Says 'I Do' Again

Last night on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, our favorite couples hit the climax of their dramatic quest to find each of their happy endings. It's Danielle and Mohamed's annulment hearing. Will Danielle finally get to send Mohamed back to Tunisia? In the Dominican Republic, Chantel and Pedro hope to overcome their differences by renewing their vows. Can Chantel forgive Pedro's family for all the nasty words they hurled at her? Read on for our full recap below.

Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle's big day is finally here. Today, she will know if the Ohio judge will grant her an annulment so she can have her estranged husband Mohamed Jbali deported to Tunisia. Wearing the blue dress she specifically bought for the hearing, Danielle goes to court armed with a strong resolve.
"The judge will decide if it will stay an annulment, or if it will be changed to a divorce. I really hope that it's an annulment because it increases the odds that [Mohamed] will get deported."
However, Danielle leaves the courtroom in tears. Apparently, the judge informed Danielle's camp that winning an annulment case would be difficult. Danielle's lawyer advises her to go for a divorce instead. Danielle agrees, but realizes that she won't be able to have Mohamed deported that easily.
Outside the courtroom, Danielle spots Mohamed with a selfie stick. He's filming everything as a way to protect himself from whatever tricks Danielle might pull in the future. Danielle asks to talk to him for "closure," but he wants to leave Ohio as soon as possible and start anew. However, he agrees to pay for Danielle's lawyer fees.

Later, Danielle finds a way to meet with Mohamed and she gives him a good lashing. She yells at him, telling him that he's the "worst mistake" of her life. She feels good about her closure and vows to see him sent back to his homeland.

Chantel & Pedro

It's also Chantel and Pedro's big day--their Dominican Republic wedding. Chantel wakes up with the worst feeling a bride could ever get. She still feels hurt about the way Pedro's family has treated her. She remembers how Pedro's mom and sister called her nasty names, and she's unsure about her future with Pedro.
"I'm feeling super nervous about whether or not both families will get along. I'm nervous about their interactions, because their interactions are beyond my control."
Despite this, Chantel puts on her gorgeous, mermaid-style wedding dress and makes it down the aisle. At the reception, she and Pedro look like the happiest couple, and both their families put their differences aside to have fun.

Pao & Russ

Pao is back in Miami after her music video shoot, where she had to wear sexy outfits and a skimpy lingerie. She's happy with her performance, but she knows Russ will have a hard time accepting the news. She video calls her husband to confess and, as expected, Russ gets super upset.
"Lingerie itself is provocative. And I don't think Pao sees it that way. To a Colombian, it's fine. But for a boy from Oklahoma, you stepped over. You've crossed the line."
When Pao goes home to Oklahoma, she and Russ get into a huge fight about the music video. Pao feels that Russ is too narrow-minded and controlling. She walks out saying that he shouldn't tell her what to do.

Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge hasn't seen Anfisa for about a month since she kicked him out of their apartment. He obviously wants to fix their marriage, and he asks to see her. Anfisa agrees, and the two meet in the parking lot outside their place.

Jorge apologizes to Anfisa, but she blows him off. She tells him that they are done for good.

What would it take for Anfisa to forgive Jorge and take him back? How will Pao and Russ get past their trust issues? And will Danielle ever get her revenge on Mohamed? Find out on the next episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2 next Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.

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