'BB19' Star Kevin Schlehuber's Real Job Story Has Alex Suspicious

Kevin Schlehuber of Big Brother 19 has Alex really wondering about his job and if he is telling the truth. A lot of the time when people go into the house they lie about what their job is so that the houseguests won't know they are great at certain skills. Bustle just shared that Kevin's story about his real life job is causing some questions in the house.

Kevin has shared that he is a full-time dad. It sounds like this is all that he does, but he recently gave Derrick of Big Brother 16 a hug that made Alex think he might be lying about something. She thinks that Kevin might be lying and that he might be a cop, just like Derrick is in real life. She is convinced and is even going around the house telling people her thoughts. This could end up hurting Kevin's game play if it is true or not. You don't want people to be suspicious of you at all.

Derrick did lie when he was in the house and didn't want everyone to know he was a police officer. When you are an officer, you are trained to read people and this is the kind of job you wouldn't want people in the house knowing you had, but Kevin Schlehuber isn't a police officer in real life and Alex is wrong to assume this one. Kevin needs a chance to defend himself and explain that this one isn't true at all.

Kevin has seven kids at home and this really is what keeps him so busy. He did work as a model years ago, though. He has never been a police officer or anything that is involved with law enforcement, unless he somehow was able to totally hide this from everyone.

Are you shocked to hear that Alex is telling everyone she thinks that Kevin could be a cop? Did you think the same thing when you saw him meet Derick? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on CBS. This could end up keeping Kevin from winning the game, but he is a fan favorite for sure.
[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]